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    Hey, Guys. Just wondering if anyone happens to have blueprints for the Jem. Looking for something we can use for our CNC. Also, do you guys know best places to by acrylic/lucite to use for a guitar body? Thank you Matt S
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    Hey guys, As an architecture major I have access to a pretty extensive wood-shop, which happens to have a CNC. I was wondering if anybody had any CNC files for a PGM body (JS also), a 24 fret hardtail with 56 mm heel so that I can get a perle guitars neck (I don't feel quite ready to build a...
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    Mayones is looking for more CNC body parts: http://www.made-in-china.com/traderoom/mayones/companyinfo/Gitary-Mayones-S-C-.html
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    I have a project JEM that I know I won't be able to start, so I wanted to let somebody here take a shot. I was told the body is Ash, but looks closer to either Poplar or Alder to me, but I am certainly not the one to distingish the difference or make that judgement. IF you need any close ups...
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    Hey, Folks. My friend and I might be building a guitar using a CNC. He knows someone who owns one. So, we're planning of building a Jem of course. I found the blueprint on the site here but I heard that since it's the 777. They have a different neck pocket than the newer ones. Can someone...