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    So I just got traded a 2007 black 555, it's clean and straight but has been raped and pillaged of its Dimarzios and hardware, it's all brand new Jem Jr junk as far as I can tell, the excrescent trem is a particular lowlight, however it was very cheap and a quick raid of my parts bins should get...
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    Delicious. Got that for a steal of €75!!! Cort padded gig-bag included. Restrung with Elixir .011, set it up... and... ...MAGIC!!! ;)
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    hello, i've got a serious problem with my Cort EVL K4, the problem is that the High e string buzzes at the 1st fret ONLY, can't figure out where the problem is, hope you guys can help me, thanks
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    new episode with: G3 news & Cort X-11 review
  5. Pickups & wiring
    Hey guys! I would like to ask for your help! What pickup would you recommend to be put in bridge position of a Cort X6? I listen to progressive metal, death metal, deathcore and that kind of stuff, but mainly Progressive metal, that means I would like a pickup with high definition, great...
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    I'm under FC serial number research. Until now nothing is for sure because FC is not Fuji Gen or Cort. Many people said those are chinese made fake Ibanez. I found a FC+7digits on my local eBay and the seller claims to be a MIJ even if it looks like one I think it's fake because there are many...
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    Ok just an informative post for people searching for a fixed bridge, all maple neck, 24 frets rock machine. This guitar may be an option. Not really what I'm considering right now but looks like a fine guitar in ~500$/€ price tag Informative rant over. Bye :lol:
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    Well, I just picked up a 96 RG450 for approx $170 US. Still organizing freight. From what I notice, There are a few variations so here is a pic of the model that I found on the net. Its a 96 Cort built http://ja.wikizic.org/1-035-035076-Ibanez-RG-450-EG.jpg Well, I've played 550's and...
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    Stonking new guitar !!! Special limited model from Cort, only 20 made !!! Active EMG's, original floyd rose and a kick arse lazer engraved finish...what ya think ? :)
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  11. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    So, I went out to buy a Boss GT-10 the other day, and after finalizing the deal (wanted a few cables and such) I asked the store clerk if I could just plug the GT-10 in to make sure it was working and all. So he set it up, and gave me a Cort X-6 to test it with. When I picked the guitar up, the...
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    Anyone ever tried one? It's the straty one, general natural with a birdseye maple neck/fretboard and black pickguard, HSS, wilkinson trem. It looks like a pretty sick guitar, and I think it goes for around $400. I'm thinkin about picking up a new guitar soon. It's got a very cool vibe that I...
1-12 of 12 Results