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    My current axe is built by a local Luither as I cannot have my JEM7BSB or RG350 with me over here. It and has a vintage wine crate as the cap, which is why it is nicknamed 'The Wino'. It plays and sounds amazing and fulfills my guitar cravings for now although I really miss my JEM. I will add...
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    I am selling my ibanez rg8470zrs jcustom in 9.5/10 condition.Hard j.custom case included. AAAA flame maple top mahogany body dimarzio Air Norton(neck)/True Velvet(middle)/Tone Zone(bridge) Price:2000 euros Interested in trades with:axefxIImarkII,mayones regius 7,skervesen swan 7,etc I love...
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    Due to financial issues, I am having to sell my beautiful Strictly7 S6 Cobra. It has a Dimarzio Crunchlab/Liquifire combo in the bridge and neck. I will ship this in a Hardshell Coffincase with everything included from my original purchase. It is good as new in 9.5/10 condition OBO $1500
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    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can suggest a luthier to do a totally custom shaped guitar, not just a paint job and pickups but a totally custom built guitar. I've got an idea and would like to see itf it's a/ do-able and b/ not going to require a 2nd mortgage.
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    Figured I'd post this up here in case there are any V players... I'm not a V guy myself but I can say from experience that KxK builds some amazing instruments (I currently own 3 and have a few more on order). $1999 + shipping/tax, $750 deposit can be placed here: 2011V7 Offer Ends May 15, 2011...
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    As I was very impressed with the True temperament neck of my Orange multicolor Jem, I decided that i needed another guitar with the same fretting system that would allow me not to overuse my swirled baby.... http://www.jemsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=107080&highlight=orange+multicolor I...
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    Me and a dear friend of mine (who happens to be an excellent Seattle based artist) are considering doing some custom guitars with artwork similar to that of the gorgeous late 80s/early 90s art-deco styled USA customs. I thought I'd share them with you and see if any of you guys would be...
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    hello all, first post here on jemsite and i'm pretty pumped. I am building a custom guitar of my own design and I have a freind who will cnc the body for me for free. I have everything ready but two things. I am trying to figure out how far from the neck pocket the floyd studs should be. and...
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    Hey guys, I posted this picture of a mockup custom guitar which I entered in a design contest in a local forum I frequent, seen here: http://talk.philmusic.com/board/index.php/topic,199722.0.html (majority of the posts are in Tagalog, but I guess you can browse the pages just to see the designs)...
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    BGC Blind guardian custom guitar Ok guys, this is the end result of a guitar I have been building. This is my fourth custom now. I did the finish the same way they do the Steve Vai Jem guitars. Using a Blind guardian...
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    http://tinyurl.com/38qw8yb And he makes beautiful guitars, for very cheap. I know, the hardware's low end, but the build quality looks awesome, and I bet he'd put in better parts if you wanted him to, or build you a custom guitar. I'm thinking that a custom Fireman from him would be cool...
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    Just thought you guys might enjoy the guitar on my SGL Guitars homepage. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask! Best Regards, Simon.
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    Hi, Everybody! I'm planning on building my own custom JEM, but I'm new to this, so I have a few questions. Because I'm planning on doing a unique wiring (3 pickups, 3 on/off switches, 3 series/coil cut/parallel switches, 3 tone push-pulls, which will double as phase in/out switches, and 1...
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    Hi everybody, I have just signed up on jemsite.com and i wanted to post a link to my website for you all to look at. w w w. gdwguitars .co .uk ... Custom built guitars, repairs & upgrades. Please let me know what you think. Graham Wright, G.D.W Guitars.
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    Up for sale now is my most recently completed guitar for stock. specs are: Afzelia 2 piece body, carved top - thin ! 5 piece wenge and purpleheart neck with pau ferro fingerboard, offset MOP dots and 6100 frets pickups are Mo'joe bridge and chopper in the neck selection is by 3 way switch using...
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    Chaps, I have been beavering away making a stock of necks, ive turned out a couple of 7 string necks in among them and these are now available for sale on my website. they have all the specs next to them - heel size, nut width, thickness etc etc so please have a good read if you plan to buy. if...
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    Hi guys, i'm from India..Been a fan of Ibanez Xiphos, I finally decided to do a custom guitar based on "XPT 700" to the genre of MeloDeath, inspired by Children Of Bodom...Any advices to my custom guitar from the choice of bolt to wood are strictly accepted..
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    Jemsiters, I posted a link to something like this in my official thread and now its finished. my new guitar that I will be making as many of as I can sell before moving onto a new style has become known around the workshop as the "proto shadow" so this is proto shadow #1 video and pictures...
  19. Pickups & wiring
    I'm thinking about having a custom guitar built. I want a mahogany body for that nice deep tone. I also want active pickups. I've chosen an HSH configuration of either EMG 81bridge/85neck/SAmiddle and Seymour duncan blackouts. Which would you guys recommend? What are the advantages of either?
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    I am thinking about buying a custom guitar body and neck from Christopher Woods custom guitars. I've selected my body wood, but then there's the neck wood. I want a 3-piece. There's 3 piece maple and bubinga and maple and purpleheart. Which is a better tone wood?
1-20 of 499 Results