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custom modded ibanez

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    Here they are. I like the way of pink goes with boring black
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    Custom modded Ibanez RG350 from January 2002. I bought a blue pearl pickgaurd and TRC for it from Terrapin Guitars, along with two blue pearl Q-Part knobs. This costed a great deal of money, but makes the guitar into a two humbucker model. It will come with all that stuff, a good hardshell case...
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    DONE! Breed neck in bridge! (NEW CLIP) Hey guys, I couldn't wait for soundclips so I just took my old Breed pup and wired it into my S520EX bridge position. Here's the link: I only had time to do some heavy distortion rhythm and a lead... I must say, I...
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    SC1620, S1520, SA1260 -Fuze
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    Well, ok. This is my point: Show us pics of Ibanez guitars only. And nice girls playing/showing it. Not porn, just beautiful stuff. Here's mine: Tubarão :D
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    I think would be great to see pics of the people here. And if you're playing your Jem much better! This way we know who is at the other side talking to us. I'll start myself with a picture taken this weekend during a gig. I am playing as you may see my lovely Jem7vwh
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    Okay, I've searched the internet for an accurate picture of what the cosmic blue color looks like and I just can't find anything -- all the pictures are flat and dull. Does anybody here have real pictures of their guitar in cosmic blue -- something that really shows off the depth of the...
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    How much money has everyone here spent (in their own currency) on guitars and gear that you own right now. You cant count gear that you bought then sold though. After my guitar from Rich arrives, ill have spent about $2100 on gear and guitars. Being a student with a crummy part time job, i think...