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dean evo special

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    Might be thinking of getting my hands on one of this, perhaps getting a Blaze Custom for the bridge and a Duncan Jazz for the neck...
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    All right has anyone put there hands on one of these yet? ******** is blowing these out for $199.99 w/ free shipping no case of course. Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fret board, hard tail. I figure the pickups are stock and well,, you know they will sound like stock p/u's. Apparently this...
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    Selling my Dean EVO Special 7-String w/Quilted Maple top. Great condition. Recently cleaned and polished and will ship with a new set of strings. The Dean EVO 7's are great, underated guitars and it would be a fine addition to your arsenal if you're in the market for a sweet-looking stop-tail...
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    I want one, around 800 (maybe more) dollars, what do you recommend getting. The C7 Blackjack is obviously an option, but I could get japanse model for this money.
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    This pickup came to me in a UV7BK that had been modded. It was the only pickup and was in the bridge position. It is a 2-wire (which leads me to believe it's not the original Blaze) 7-string humbucker and is marked with a 'B' on the back. Pics: Any ideas?
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    I just got an srt-4, very fun car! Well, I want to pay a big lump sum, well several but first thing's first. I have the following items for sale. RG 570(grey): tone zone in bridge, good condition with a couple dings. In M100 case-$250 shipped. ADA mp2-barely used in great condition. You...
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    Hey! Just had to start this topic. Do you guys think the RG 2027X is hyped up? btw, I love both of mine though. Tony
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    Currently I play a ESP EX351 with Bill Lawrence pickups and a Q-Filter into a Peavey XXL/Mesa 2x12 cab. I ordered a RG2550, should be another week or so, can't wait!
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    Ok... Here's the question... What is the best sounding guitar / Amp combination you have ran through? Why did you like the sound??? We aren't talking about 92 effects pedals, or your guitar, a GT-6 , then the amp.... Just the guitar, and amp alone <NOTHING ELSE>..... what brands/models were...
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    Whats the best tone youve ever gotten? Hands down the best sound ive had was from a usa custom rg, with a tone zone, through a 5150 straight with a touch of reverb for sustain. I lay awake at night dreaming about that sound. Its why i still play guitar :>
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    Just a quick message because i have to run out the door to rehearsal. I just re-strung my Dean Evo Special 7 with GHS Boomers .011 to .070 strings (a .011 to .050 set plus a compound-wound .070 from juststrings.com). My first impressions are very good. Clear, bell-like tone from the lower...
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    Well, the subject title says it all. What pickups do you have and why do you like them (or not?) Anyone and everyone can answer. I'm looking for everyone's opinion here.
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    Hello all, this is my first post here. I just ordered my new RG1527 and am eagerly anticipating its arrival. If need be, I will be replacing the pickups to something that suits me a little better. I play mostly metal, not that nu-metal stuff going around now, you know the good shred kind...
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    Seymour Duncan JB 7-string is THE pickup for basswood body 7-strings (RG1077XL in particular). The difference between stock DiMarzio Customs and JB is just unbelievable. The sound has become alive, vibrato creates tasty overtones, pinch harmonics come out easily, 7-th string is NOT muddy and at...
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    Hi guys!! I thought we'd do a less controversial topic this time around... I'd like to hear about your favorite rig setup ie: What guitar you use, amps, effects..in what order do you like up your effects/pedals... I think we can learn from each other on this one!!!
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    The DeArmond S67 is the 7 string version of the SG style guitar that they brought out a few years ago. They've been discontinued and it seems like a good cheap source for a set neck 7 string (around $225). The information on the guitar is very inconsistent. Some sources claim a 24 3/4 inch...
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    Don't know if this survey was ever taken, but it's cool to know what Non-Ibanez's every plays. Let me start with my Ibanezs and work my way down: Jem 7VWH Jem 7DBK with LGM mod Jem 77FP RG7620 US Hamer Standard Custom US Hamer Duotone Gibson LP Classic Plus ESP Mirage Custom Ovation Legend...
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    Are there any Mahogany or Alder 7 strings?
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    I am curious to know what Double Edge users are running their guitars through? (fx/amps)
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    I am new on the boards. I was wanting to pick up a Ibanez 7 string, but was wondering if any of you found it difficult to switch over? I have never played a 7 string, but we want to start using some detunings.