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dean markley blue steel
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    Hi , I play pn a JEM 7D BK and (Ab)use mt trem ... But my strings break soooo often .... I use d'addario XL (0.9-0.42) ... Any1 know of strings that are very strong and dont often brake when i play vai stuff ? Thx ! Nick
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    What tunnings do Meshuggah use on their 7 and 8 string guitars because im thinking of getting a barritone 7-string and tunning it down to the tunning of a 8. Any ideas?
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    Hey everyone, I just had a few questions. First off, correct me if I'm wrong, but the Dean markley Blue Steel's are cryogenicly frozen steel wrapped around a steel core, correct? And the NickelSteel's are Nickel wrapped around a steel core, right? Also, what is the standard metal that is used on...
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    Here's something I've been pondering. Since 94, I've been playing 7 string guitars exclusively. About 90% of the music I write has been in the baritone range & the only time I even use the high E is for soloing. So here's my question... Has any of you just dropped the high E string & gone...
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    Anyone using these? Thoughts? Comparisons?
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    I heard that the K7 ships out tuned to A like Korn does...does anyone know what string guages are used for them at this pitch?
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    I have a 2000 Jem7VWH which I bought last October so i've had the guitar just over a year. I bought the guitar used but the use was very minimal. Ever since i've had this guitar, with moderate use, the strings wouldn't even last 2 weeks. I was never a heavy tremolo user. Just bending and...
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    I read in another post that slinkys are hard to keep in tune? This true? if so why so? I read it on this thread by sniperfrommars1 http://www.jemsite.insomnia-vhosting.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=14099&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=
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    I recently got my first jem, a 77DY with the unfinished maple neck. My local guitar center only stock nickel wound strings, so I've been using nickel wound strings all my life. It's never been a problem before because I always played rosewood/ebony fretboards, but the gray **** that gets on...
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    What's the lowest you've tuned your guitar (6 or 7-string)?  I think I got it down to drop-D down to a low-B once with a set of Dean Markley Lights.  That was interesting.  I don't go much further than that though.  Right now I'm down a step.
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    What does you guys find to be the best guitar and string cleaner for the Jems? I have a Jem 77FP. I was also wondering for your opinion on the strings. I have the strings that came with the guitar on it now (the guitar is a week old) and they feel a little more "tinny" than the usual new pair of...
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    Does anyone know what kinda strings Steve (Vai) uses? And what gauge? Thanks. ~Donovan
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             I have a pretty good question that I am sure will allow me to get some new tones out of my setup if you guys would be so kind.  I imagine it has been discussed before, but what the hey, (knowing some of you guys) equipment changes all the time.  :smile: What is your ENTIRE setup in...
1-14 of 14 Results