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    Never tried one and think I should.
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    Part 2 coming tomorrow which shows how the pedal works in an amp effects loop using the alternate input (there is a hi and lo). It sounds amazing whether you like analog or digital you can coax pretty much every sound out of this pedal and the dual delay is fantastic.
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    So, I'm bored at work and starting looking at gear online. I'm currently thinking about adding a delay pedal to my rig. Up until this point I've used multi-effects delays mostly but I'm thinking of getting a dedicated unit. Naturally, I've tried a few out but I also wanted to read some reviews...
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    I'm really wanting to get a multi-effects pedal board but I don't know which one to get. I'm running a Mesa Boogie Trident Stiletto through an Avatar cab. Current pedals I have now are a ISP Decimator, Boss DD-6, and Boss Equalizer. What's a good sounding, durable, and reliable pedal board...
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    Just got this over a week ago, checked website and as the fault its over 7 days its more of a carry on to return and get it fixed. Must be about 10 days old, typical. Anyway i was using the delay then it just packed in. The line up was: Bandit 112 ->Boss MT2->Boss Super Chorus->Boss CS...
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    Finding a good Chorus, Tremolo, or similar modulation pedal can be difficult. I myself am in the search right now for great vintage, true-bypass pedals of the two effects formerly mentioned. There are too many conflicting reviews! And most music stores don't carry anything but Boss. Screw that...
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    so I started a thread previously asking bout which delay pedal.... and it helped me out, cuz I narrowed it down to choosing one or 2 delay pedals.. so i thoiught.... id ask this one.. which compression pedal? :))
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    I'm investing in some pedals :) now, I'm definatly going to get a distortion pedal, maybe the DS1?.. which other do you guys recommend? I'm also looking to get a delay pedal, possibly the DD6, since it's such a famous delay pedal... but I also want something that emulates the maestro echoplex...
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    Ok, after years of using my digitech 2101, I think I'm in need of a new Multi Effects processor. I have looked at a few, yet wanted some opinions of others I have yet to try out. I also was looking for something that would not break the bank at this time either. I have looked at some of these...
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    Hi what pedal or gadget do i need so i can play for example some chords, then while it plays that after i've recorded it to memory i can play a lead on top while that plays in background. I've seen this been done on an effect board in a shop but i'm wondering if there is a stand alone pedal...
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    Im rather broke at the moment, and can't afford a digitech/boss delay pedal. Anybody here have one of the Behringer delay pedals? I know they are made of plastic, the knobs arent the best, but how does it sound, does it 'suck tone', any hissing? etc etc I treat my gear well so a plastic pedal...
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    BF-2 Boss flanger pedal......$35 DD-3 Boss delay pedal........$60 SM7 Ibanez smash box distortion..$20 I still have the box for the DD3 and somewhere I may have the SM7 box, but the flanger has no box. Pedals sound great no scratchiness. Shipping is $7 for pedals. Also have a POD Pro rack...
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    hey guys! head over to line6.com and check out the new Spider Valve amp. seems like a great idea and like they say on the site "the next natural evolution of the technology". just for a brief overview it's a 100% tube amp head (power amp and pre amp tubes) with a line 6 tone chip that changes...
  14. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    man, how does Satch get the tone from Crystal Planet live in san francisco?! That sound just blew me away!
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    Looks like they added a bunch of higher quality effects. http://www.behringer.com/02_products/musicalinstrument_index.cfm?lang=eng I seriously considering buying 7 of them.
  16. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Hello fellow jemsiter's Well today i bit the bullet and decided to invest in some behringer pedals: The vintage Tube Overdrive T0800 and Digital Delay DD400. A while back i was plotting to get some behringer pedals but i didn't realise that they are in fact made of ABS PLASTIC, so that put me...
  17. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Does anyone know if this pedal has any tone sucking/ true bypass? what are your thoguhts about this pedal?
  18. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Hi folks. I'm basically looking to add a few new pedals to my current rig. I want some cool, crazy sounds that I can build riffs and solos around so the more adjustable, the better. I've been looking at the Z-Vex Fuzz factory (Probe) w/Theremin Plate and MXR's Phase 100. I think both sound...
  19. Polls
    After my last thread people replied and kept saying the same lot of delays so i now just need to pick 1 so thats why i got this poll. The delays that i like and can't decide on are: Boss DD-3, Boss DD-5, Boss DD-6, Line 6 Echo Park, Digitech Digidelay. Comments welcome.
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    Hey guys i was looking at buying a delay pedal real soon. I heard that some delays use a lot of battery power so i would like to avoid that issue , and i don't want it to cost a small fortune, thanks guys for the comments.
1-20 of 47 Results