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desert sun yellow
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    Anyone here own one or have seen one in person? This would be my dream (non-JEM) Ibanez as I prefer the pickguard-less look to an RG550 DY, but besides the picture on the Ibanez wiki, I can find nothing else online proving they exist... https://ibanez.fandom.com/wiki/RG570_(1989%E2%80%931992)...
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    I'm new here, but not new to Ibanez. I used to have an '89 RG550 DSY with a black headstock. I traded it at a guitar shop in Houston for a Fender Strat. I've been looking for that RG550 for about 10 years. I would like to buy it back, or at least know where it is. The serial # is F916510...
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    TL;DR What paint company has the closest/most authentic match to the old Desert Sun Yellow used on 90's era RG550's? I say Day Glo's Saturn Yellow, but the paint shop says House of Kolor. Thoughts? Detailed Version: Inspired by Ben Eller's recent RFR 7-string project, I've just kicked off a...
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    I have made many frustrating trips into beauty stores, dept stores, anywhere they might sell nail polish. I bought a few here and there that looked pretty close, but when I got home they were not even close to the DY. Most had an orangish tint and lacked the bright glow. My wife had a gift card...
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    RG 570 DY 1991? Hi, i buy this guitar a few months and its awesome,i have the idea of replace the pickups(tonezone or paf pro(bridge)chopper or true velvet(mid)and air norton(neck) and electronics,the color its uncommon for the 570s ,if you have info about this model share please...
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    Anyone know a good paint or nail polish that would be a good match for '87 Desert Sun Yellow?
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    Well, the day finally came! I received my new Ibanez RG guitar today. It's simply phenomenal. The sound takes a bit to get used to, but the feel is impeccable. I'm glad I ordered from Rich at Ibanez Rules. It came set up perfectly. I just had to tune up (it was cold) and I was ready to go...
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    Need help with the RAL code for DY?
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    First year S540 in Desert Sun Yellow - very conservative 8.5/10, largely unplayed condition, with hard to find original backstop tremsetter system (even has the label on the trem) - includes original trem bar $450 shipped and PP'd to continental US w/o case or $475 to con US w/ non-original...
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    So as usual im hounding around fleabay and I come across a 3550 in everyones favorite vintage yellow...claims its a new color for 2010/January? Ibanez.com doesn't have it listed yet, and I can't seem to find it on any other music outlet. Legit? I think I may have just got a half chub.
1-10 of 10 Results