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    Hello, I am wondering if there's an S540 in Desert Yellow preferably with Sharktooth inlays, out there for sale. I am located in EU atm, but I don't mind if you are located anywhere in the world. PM me here or emai me over, [email protected] Thank you
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    Leaving Japan in a couple of months to go back to the U.K. so selling all my beloved rare and cool Ibby's I've picked up over the years. I'll try and put them all up here in the next week or so. MIJ 1992 Ibanez RG550 in classic desert yellow with matching headstock Lo-pro edge V1/S1/unknown...
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    I came back from a long vacation back home to Montreal earlier last week, and before I could sit down and play my RG, I noticed the high e string was broken. It broke quite randomly, but since i had recently slapped strings on it, I was just going to buy a new pack and install the e string only...
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    http://s739.photobucket.com/albums/xx36/swyse93/550%20DY/ This is a 1998 RG550DY. It is desert yellow with an AANJ and a Bubinga stripe. It has some chips, which you can see in the pics. The Dimarzios are tonezone/chopper/tonezone. The volume pot is a bit scratchy(I can throw in some cash to...
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    Hi, Last shout for desert yellow RG... cant afford reissues but will pay good price for the old one. This is pretty asap:) Cheers, Zig
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    Is there a difference between "Desert Sun Yellow" and just "Desert Yellow"? Until recently, I used to refer to a 777DY as Desert Yellow because I didn't really know any better, never really payed much attention until I looked here: http://www.ibanez.co.jp/products/vai_series.php?year=1987 I've...
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    As much as I like this guitar, I don't love it, maple is not for me and it is in such nice condition, I don't play it much so I thought someone else might. I traded a strat to a fellow jemsiter for this who can vouch for it's condition. 1998 RG550 with matching headstock. Stock pickups, V7, V8...
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    Last year for DY on RG550's? (pic included) Hey guys, what was the last year they put DY (Desert Yellow) on the RG550's?
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    Yep so I pulled the trigger once more, now I'm up to 5. This ones a rare one indeed, all Original Desert Yellow 550L with matching headstock!! I believe these were a special catalog order, same with the Road Flair Red, dealers only got the black ones in stock. I could be wrong though, but thats...
1-9 of 11 Results