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dimarzio clip lock strap
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    i had a question about the if the dimarzio clip together straps that steve vai uses are very stable or if they are good for hard playing or not.
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    Hello I have an as new 1999 Universe UV777bk with original uv1000c case with white dimarzio clip lock strap, in as new condition, Ive only restrung it and set it up once with 10-56 D'addario strings not a dent or any mark on it, as I said in "as new" condition, better than in store condition! I...
  3. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Well, one of my older washburn guitars got a nice little chip in it from a dimarzio clip lock tonite :roll: . Considering I have a clip lock on my new 7vwh, I've decided I need to do something to protect my axe from this in the future. This kind of chip on my new axe would be like sticking a...
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    I found "Angel" (JEM7VWH) at a guitar center in Los Angeles when i went on a trip to California. I played her, but she wasn't set up right, but i know she played good. Neck was good, and i loved the scalloped frets. So my mom bought her. We flew back to Michigan and she was in her case all nice...
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    I bought Schaller straplocks for my JEM, but the screws are much smaller so they really aren't secure. The JEM's original screws for the buttons don't fit through the Schallers. I curious what others are using or options I might be missing. Thanks.
  6. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Well since Ive got some time off and am tired of dealing with this here goes nothing. Ive got a dimarzio clip lock strap on most of my guitars, but on my rgs I want to continue to use the original screws without filling the holes. I know this can be done easily, but im crazy about the look of...
  7. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    My buttons get loose on my new RG 570. Should I put some glue in the hole where the screw tightens to wood? Is there some reason why I shouldn't do that? Or is there another way to keep the button tight?
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    I've used the clip lock straps for years with my Kramer, Strats & LP's. My new RG3120 fits so snug in the padding of the UV1000 case that the clip on the bottom end will have to flop around on the maple top, possibly scratching the finish. 8O Anyone with a Jem or RG & the UV1000 have a fix...
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    So, as of yesterday I finally got to see the guitar found wedged between two rubbish bags and a childs pink tricycle in one of the more rundown areas of london. The guitar in question is the first UV I bought a year ago, only to have it stolen 2 weeks after I got it. I never though that because...
61-69 of 69 Results