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dimarzio cliplock
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    hi! i'm new to this forum so hello to everybody! here's my question: i would like to get a nylon strap with a width of 7-10cm in black. i searched all online-shops, but the only thing i could find were smaller ones with a maximum width of around 7 cm. they were also very colourful, which i don't...
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    i prefer not. its too hard to take the strap on and off and i still don't trust them over strap locks. what do you use? if strap locks, what kind?
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    I bought a used RGT3120TDB :D recently and noticed that the strap buttons look like they could be used with strap locks. Do new RGT3120's come with strap locks or is there a certain brand that will work with the strap buttons? If not, I have a set of Dunlop's just waiting. Thanks.
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    Suppose Vai (gulp) was no longer affiliated with Ibanez. What would happen to the Jem line? I was thinking it might diversify for a couple of years and then things will be done or undone to it to make it cheaper, and then maybe it'll be discontinued. AARRGGHH! I would hope they would try to...
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    Stolen Guitar entries can now be input on the forum directly. The following guitars are reported to the authorities as stolen. If you run across one of these, please e-mail the owner and the carbon copy Jemsite. JEM7PBK. Black w/ pyramids. Serial # F049948. Reward$$$. Please contact Kirk...
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    http://albums.photopoint.com/j/ViewPhoto?u=1736220&a=13355379&p=50786890&Scale=530x400 cut n paste, sorry. im new at this
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    Okay.. I think that the DiMarzio not fitting discussion has been beaten to death. I don't quite like the cliplocks because I feel that the plastic clip does damage to the guitar.. that's just me. Now, I was wondering if anyone had any other recommendations on other kinds of straplocks. And if...
121-127 of 127 Results