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dimarzio tone zone

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    Heya folks! I've been hoping you guys could offer me some advice. I ordered a crapload of gear today and I'm not sure how to put it together. Heres what I got: Ibanez RG2550 Prestige Dimarzio Fred Dimarzio PAF-Pro Fernandes FSK-101 Humbucker driver I'm currently playing an RG520 with a...
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    Was scouring south korea for some j-customs and found this one. Kinda looks like Ibanez merged a RG8670bx with a Jem 10th. (aparently the owner got it from Ishibashi back in 2002).
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    Item for sale: Digtech 2101 Artist Series Preamp with 3.0 upgrade and a damaged control one. the control one needs repair. Send it to Digitech and the repairs will probably be $50 or less! And a Mosvalve 500 watt (2 channels of 250) poweramp. In perfect condition!!! Description & Condition:the...
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    Well, time to replace the pups in my rg520 quilt. I play mostly progressive and metal/hard rock. I already have a full shred in the neck and it sounds pretty nice so I am going to leave it alone for now. I want a nice bridge pickup with relativly high gain yet still remains versatile. Nice...
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    Item for sale: Dimarzio Tone Zone F-Spaced Pickup Description & Condition: Color is Yellow on the bottom pole, Purple on the top. Approx. 8" of lead still available. Condition is excellent. Asking Price: Price is $40 shipped anywhere in U.S. My Location: Phoenix, AZ Please email...
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    U08222 is the serial number.... Here's the scoop. I bought this guitar for a great price, and figured I would flip it quickly to buy a fixed bridge guitar, I HATE Floyds!!!!! Finish is mint, hardware is mint, and it's in REALLY good shape. I think it's a 2002 or 2001. Anyhow. I added the...
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    Im looking to buy a pick up for my bridge that has good clarity for sweeping but also good distortion for shredding and rhythms Any ideas?
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    Hi im new to the forum..i wanted to know if anyone could give me any samples clips of dimarzio tone zones..id really appreciate it..ive heard it on the dimarzio website but it would be great to get actual players clips to sample
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    Item for sale: Description & Condition: Asking Price: *DO NOT LEAVE BLANK IF FORSALE* My Location: Terms of Sale/Purchase: Other Information:
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    Well more of a fountain greenish blue as it seems these finishes like to discolor over time. Guitar is in excellent condition for the age!!! I've since put stickers of half naked girls over the body, but I can easily remove them and clean it up it if you prefer?? Ibanez backstop unfortunately...
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    Item for sale: Ibanez USA Custom RG1220QMTO TOP: Transparent orange 1/4-inch quilted maple top with natual-masked-binding. BODY: Alder body with no forearm contour (that's correct, no forearm contour). NECK JOINT: AANJ. BRIDGE: LoPro Cosmo Black. ELECTRONICS: 3-way selector, volume, tone with...
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    Here we have a "DiMarzio Tone Zone Cream Humbucker" up for sale :) F-spaced, in cream, 8 inches of black wire left, you know the score on these! Doesn't come with anything except thew pickup itself I'm afraid-no mounting rings/screws. Don't really know how much to ask for this, but Algiman...
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    I have the weirdest problem with my ax7221 it is all set up but when i play any open string it flutters like a tremolo with a really weak set of strings ...its a hardtail... ive tried different strings new tuners and a new bridge Ive reset the neck and nothing seems to help it works ok if i palm...
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    Hello all & welcome. Any new, regular or returning member can feel free to introduce themselves here :) .. glen related threads: * Jemsite Users Nicknames (usernames) - just curious.. * New members: Locations please!
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    This is a gently worn 2004 Ibanez PGM301WH Does anybody have any feel for what it is worth?
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    I'm sure this thread has been about more than once before. I'm a bit confused to which pickup i should get, but i've narrowed it down to these. EMG 707 or 81/7 Dimarzio Tone Zone 7 Seymour Duncan JB 7 Seymour Duncan Distortion 7 (if i can find one about) I mainly use my 7 string for playing...
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    Item for sale: DiMarzio Tone Zone F-Spaced Pickup. Description & Condition: New, still in box. Decided not to install. Asking Price: N/A My Location: England, Bedfordshire. Terms of Sale/Purchase: I will accept the following payment methods - PayPal, cheque or postal order. Other...
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    What Ibanez guitar you think are cheap and very good, which series you think may be the best and which guitar would buy
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    what do you think about this? would it sound good with dimarzio humbuckers?? i dont' know much about the tonal characteristics of ash, but i think it looks sweet with a nice trans finish.
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    as stated in the title i have some pickups for sale or trade, emg 81/60 set, a duncan invader (with plenty of lead) and a dimarzio tone zone (again plenty for lead) all of these pickups have very little wear of them and are practically never used, i didnt have a working amp for several months...