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direct mounted pickups
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    OK I am looking to Buy Either: JEM7VH (The White One) Neck: 5pc JEM Prestige neck Neck Type: JEM Prestige Body: Alder body Frets: 6105 frets Fingerboard: Rosewood Inlay: Pearl/ Abalone Vine Bridge: Edge Pro bridge NeckPU: DiMarzio® Evolution®(H) neck pu...
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    Thanks a lot! for help
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    My guitar is a RG1570 with direct mounted pickups. My bridge pickup is a Steve Morse (DP200). Now it's too close to the strings, thus losing clarity and some sustaining. But I can not lower it anymore. I notice that it's thicker than my neck pickup and I think that's why it's closer to strings...
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    hey im kinda new here so if this is the wrong forum, sorry. Does anyone have any Experience with the RG1570 Prestige? Im probobly going to be buying one soon but a lot of the reviews on the internet are written in the "honeymoon" period of the guitar, so they arent always accurate :p: Thanks...
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    Anyone excited about this model? I really don't know much about Herman Li but this guitar has some kickass features. It's probably the best of the 08' line up IMHO.... :)
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    I just was wondering if someone here at Jemsite can help me identifying this RG: Is an AANJ RGR made in Japan in 1997, but I don´t know which model is (maybe a 570 limited?) and I can't find it in the US catalogs (probably is an European or Japanese limited edition). Any comments or...
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    Hello everyone i can buy this rg but it never seen one before. it's made in japan and it has a wilkinson tremelo. Thanks for looking!
  8. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    http://www.emarket.com.do/fotos/704614/704614_foto1.jpg I'm trying to find out what model this is, I've been told it's an RG but i have'nt seen any similar RG's, isn't it nice though...
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    I feel like the guy in the old Toyota commercials who is jumping up and down! Great guitar, 24 frets on a bound maple fretboard with nice red inlays. Has F4, C3 and F2 pickups, all red and looking like new. These pickups have that warm "bite" that I just can't get with my s series. They bolt...
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    I just sold one of my RG3120's (I have two more) and have some money to spend. Last weekend, I was able to play an RGT320Q and instantly fell in love with it. What a freaking beautiful instrument. I had pretty much decided to use the RG3120 money to partially fund the RGT320Q. Then, I was...
  11. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    ...a clear pickguard (for cheap) for my RG1570 I bought two days ago? Thank you!
  12. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    Since I can't try out a J-Custom here I was wondering if anyone who's played both could comment on it, in terms of quality, sound and playability compared to a new 7VWH? That thing was the best playing guitar I've ever held.. Thanks! :smile:
  13. Classified Ads: Ibanez JEM/UV Guitars
    I'm on the hunt for just a clear pick guard for my FP Jem. Most of the one's I seem to be able to find are either swirled or something off the wall, or 100.00$. If no one has one they would like to sell me, would they be able to point me in the right direction. Call me wrong or whatever, but a...
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    You know, the long skinny black one used with direct mounted pickups on RGs. I've always found these to be illusive...if you have one, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Greg
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    Snagged one today while pawn shop browsing.Trans black A little rough around the edges but not that bad.Plays killer.V pickups don't seem to like the mahogony to well but with some tweaking it may be OK.
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    I curretnly have an RG 2550 and the p ups are mounted on the pickguard. is possible to convert it and mount it dirently to the body? I have no intention of removing the pguard i just want to dirently mount it to the body for better sustain. Your comments are greatly appreciated.
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    Im checkign out the old catalogs because im interested in an older RG fromt he 80s. Anyways, im wonderimg about the number system how does it work? liek they have 500s, 700s.... 770, 560... can someone explain these numbers to mean? what do they mean? are the higher numbers higher quality? thanks
  18. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Not Sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes... I've repaired and built guitars for a few years now. A dream I've had since I was about 15. I have a decent shop, and I been able to make some decent money on the side for the last year or so doing custom work. I specialize...
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    Guys pls solve my mistery about my guitar . It is ibanez rg from 97 . Pickups are V7 V8 S1 and TRS licenced floyd . Serial code is :F97 30069 and picture:
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