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double edge pro

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    It seems there are three types... Pin Large Clamp Small Clamp. If you look here... http://tremolno.com/workswith.asp For an Ibanez double edge pro - youan see they're recommending a small camp, but then there's a footnote which says this... "3. On certain Ibanez® Edge™, LoPro™, EdgePro™ and...
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    Hiya, I just bought an Ibanez RG1520GK, but the seller didn't have the trem, so I ordered the standard (Ibanez) replacement. My problem is, if I push the trem arm fully into the trem arm hole, then I can't move the trem out of the way because the guitar's volume knob gets in the way. I...
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    i was wondering if anyone know were i can get a stereo jack to fit an RG7321. i am looking to install some piezos and they need a stereo jack. also has anyone heard anything about piezos for the edge pro?
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    i'm thinking of buying this guitar, but the owner doesn't know ****e. thanks!
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    the ultimate guitar i'm looking for would have the piezo/midi/trem capabilities of the RG 1520 GK, but it would have an S body in a natural wood finish. right now I'm looking at these 3 options... S-370 (or any S series) in natural finish for $300 (try to find a double edge pro bridge and...
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    ...with a LoPro edge and V7/V8 pups? Just trying to ascertain whether they only made it in that colour with the old setup or if it was just introduced with the later EdgePro/IBZ combination??
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    My first (and maybe only) JEM arrived last week. I have been waiting for a black JEM with scalloped frets and an AANJ for over 10 years. I know that some of you do not like black guitars and that Ibanez should find a different color instead of mixing them all together to get black. To you, I...
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    So here it is completed, along with pictures of the process. I got my hands on a double edge pro on the bay for sometime ago, but I wasn't very keen to do some routing in this guitar, at least not give it to some telecaster lovers for routing. And it also got rid of the Gold edge pro, which has...
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    Hi, Been searching the posts but I can't find definitive info on what variations of the double edge trem you can get? I'm aware that different versions have been used on the RG2020x and RG2120x for example, but can anyone explain what the differences are and give (decent) links or pictures so...
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    She should be out in the next few months. They managed a great combination of all I love in Ibanez guitars. Only regret: price is announced around 2500€. Hope you will enjoy: http://www.guitaretv.com/test-de-la-guitare-ibanez-patrick-rondat-signature-prm1x-video-56.html So what do you think...
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    ...what would it be? What would it look like? Hardware? Colours? Photoshops are a must in this thread. Cheers.
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    hello guys; I saw a '02 Rg 2120x-tlb in a guitarshop, guitar has been waiting for years and it hasn't been even touched =). As you know it has piezzo and two outputs. What can you say about this guitar? Have you ever tried this? How much does it worth giving? I have never used a piezo guitar...
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    All the new models are shown. :) http://www.ibanez.co.jp/world/country/frame_netherlands.html Myst
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    I bought this a little while back but I don't really need it. I was hoping to convert it to a roland midi capable guitar but it would be too much work. Plus I have to get some money so I can buy a 1550. Anywase, the guitar is flawless. It looks as if it's brand new. No fret wear, scratches, or...
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    What's the difference between a regular ZR and a Double ZR trem like on the prestiege model?
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    So lets say that after a gig an Ibanez rep comes up to you and says that Ibanez will sponsor you, but will only build one guitar for now. What would you get? I would probably go for a 7 string RG ART.
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    Does anyone know if behringer's wah is already available ? or has anyone tried it ? It seems to have good features from Morley and Crybaby from hell... I want a review.
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    I just bought a RG570 body for a new project, and ive got my eye on a Double Edge Pro. My question is will the edge pro fit into the cavity (which was originally fitted with a normal Edge trem)? Or will it need routing, or just not possible?
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    Hi all, I'm very interested in purchasing an Ibanez RG 1820X but before I make my final decision, I want to hear what you all think of it. I've heard that it's basically an RG 1620X with subtle changes. Does the Double Edge Pro perform well? Are the pickups good (though I still plan to swap them...
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    Hi all, I'm thinking of getting an LP Standard DC Plus and would want to install a locking trem on it. I want my guitar to be versatile (I'm putting a single-coil in between the 'buckers) and would want it piezo equipped. The only locking trem I have found with piezos is the Double Edge Pro...