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ebony fingerboard
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    Just like the title says, I want to buy carvins guitars any model. Neck thru body models,with floyd rose only.. ....Ebony fingerboard only. Send me pics and brief desc. w/ your asking price. I'll pay you very quickly.
  2. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    After a short break from posting (too many things to do, so little time...), yesterday I took all my swirls out of their cases and started introducing to one another I know Gilk's collection and pics and are supperior, but I will convince my girlfriend to return (because I DO really love her)...
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    selling a ton of stuff to pay for a new rig as i'm in the process of getting some sponsorships that will still require a hefty amount of cash on my side. but anyways here goes. prices do not include shipping unless noted. message me for pictures. thanks guitars: 199? Black Gibson SG special...
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    Up for trade, is a Warmoth Wolfgang that I built. Here are the specs; - Birdseye Maple Neck w/ Scalloped Ebony Fingerboard and Hockeystick Style Headstock - Hard Northern Ash Body (1 Piece - Routed For Floating FR) - Sperzel Tuners (Brushed Black w/ Chrome String Posts) - PING OFR Floyd...
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    What's the more valuable guitar? PRS 20th without 20th birds in flight pattern, but with a nice flame 10 top. PRS 20th with 20th birds in flight pattern, but regular NON-10 top quilt. ?
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    Maple or rosewood? All my Ibanez and PRS guitars are rosewood, so I've never really spent any serious time with a maple fretboard. Is there really that much of a tonal difference between the two, or are the differences more to do with the general feel of the maple compared to rosewood, or purely...
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    I had a friend growing up in AZ, and I moved about 5 years ago and lost contact, anyways his dad had a gibson that he'd had since about 1970ish. It was like a byrdland but had a solid body and was really thin. I can't remember for the life of me what model it was or much other than it had a...
  8. Pickups & wiring
    Good Pickup for Metal? I need some help finding a good bridge pickup for my Ibanez, I need something that has a high output, but isnt muddy. I tune 1 1/2 steps down. I was thanking about a Seymour Duncan Invader. does anyone know anything about this pickup.
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    Are they a spin off to ESP? like ltd in USA they look really good and better priced anyone buy one from japan and if so how?
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    I love its looks, the pickup options and I am thinking of getting a slightly used Carvin DC400 Anniversary with a Wilkinson trem, stainless steel frets, gold hardware, a nice sunburst maple top, matching headstock and probably some other options I am now forgeting... Apart from its great looks...
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    OK im a NOOOOOOOOB ..i accidentialy locked the thread when i sold the axis to G.Q. Charvel Journeyman ... Quilted maple top Mahogany body birdseye maple neck with an ebony fingerboard . Absoultley PERFECT not a ding or scratch . I have a seymour custom in the bridge and a lil 59' in the neck...
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    #1 Ernieball musicman Axis ... natural flametop all original . Excellent condition not perfect a few slight dings on the top but would have to see on an angle . OHSC . $900 #2 Charvel Journeyman ... Quilted maple top Mahogany body birdseye maple neck with an ebony fingerboard . Absoultley...
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    http://www.daddys.com/used/?itemnumber=IBA0504B What is that thing?
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    I had the chance on this guitar a few weeks back in the UK but the guy was asking quite a bit more than I wanted to pay for it, anyways, it turned up on the Bay and I got it for a great deal :). It is a Caparison Horus in Iris Violet which is in mint condition.
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    I found this one through local channels and have not been to check it out yet but the dude is asking $975 and hopefully will take less ;). Looks like something I might be interested in but would like more info. I have not had a chance to get more info from the dude yet but most likely will get...
  16. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Ahoy Gilbert fans! How far would you go to have a Telesavales? My name is Tye and I thought I would share a some photos of a project I thought you might be interested in. Shortly after deciding to really focus on my playing I did the modern day thing and searched YouTube for some free...
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    So, I've been looking at Schecter for the last coupla years, but always end up buying an Ibanez every time. I've been playin' them for 20 years and Ibanez just rule, but the Hellraisers look, sound and play pretty bad ass for the most part. I say the "most part" because I've played 4 or 5...
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    Hi On sale, a guitar that needs no presentation. Maybe one of the more popular models of all times from Mr. Steve Vai. Specifications: BODY: ALDER NECK:1 Pc MAPLE SCALE: 25.5" FRETBOARD: EBONY INLAY PEARL /ABALONE VINE TREE OF LIFE BRIDGE: EDGE PRO HARDWARE GOLD PICKUP CONFIG H-S-H...
  19. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    This doesn't apply to just jems, uv's but I was wondering which neck you think is the flattest? There is lots of talk of which neck is the thinnest, but which one is the flattest, as flat as an ironed pancake. Thoughts?
  20. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
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