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edge pro bridges
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    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone with knowledge about edge pro bridges can answer my question :) I know the knife edge is supposed to be parallel to the body but is the side with the 1st string (thickest) supposed to be protruding slightly higher than the other side of the bridge with the 6th...
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    Got me a RG320FM amber with a cool fat looking flame pattern but after years of playing 'real' Edge and lo pro Edge model trems on my Jems and some of my other Ibanez's I am not just 100% knocked out with the Edge III. What Edge trems will retrofit the Edge III? Will the 'original' Edge? The Lo...
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    Does anyone know where the 2004 version of the RG450LTD with the Edge Pro bridges be purchased and shipped overseas, I know their available in Asia, but I live in Australia. Any help would be appreciated. Looks like this:
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    Suppose you can choose between 2 jems. 1 model 2002 with ebony fretboard and Lo Pro EDGE 1 model 2004 with rosewood board and EDGE Pro. Price and condition are the same. Which one would you go after? I'm very interested what your opinion is. Myself did not decide.....yet.
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    i just sold my RG7620, and plan on buying a RG1527. I currently have a stock 7321, which ive had for about a year now. It just recently has started to get a buzzing problem on the 3rd high string. i also noticed, my old 7620 (which i bought used) also had the same problem. does this mean its due...
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    hi everyone new to the forums, but i´ve been reading a lot here since a long time i was just wondering what has happenend to ibanez.com right now i'm saving for a rg1550 it had been on the site pretty long (even though crappy pic), but now since the update it disappered!?!?!?!?! have they been...
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    Hi, I know all you guys will think like "what the ****? recessed??".. I love making those steve vai stuff with my whammy bar, but fact is that altough Ive had my RG570 with a Edge bridge at a proffessional tech two times (yes two times, yes hes proffessional) it wont get or keep the tune..when...
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    A couple questions regarding the saddle inserts on the 2003 edge pro bridges...what's the purpose of these things? I've read on Rich's site that they've caused radius problems because they don't always sit even...so do they impart any advantage? Also, I've noticed that on extreme bends with the...
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    Hey there, I've read and heard a lot of people talk about tuning stability with the 2003 edge pro bridges, and lots of times they'll say that tuning stability after a full dive or full pullup on the whammy bar will return "almost" 100%, but very rarely will you actually have perfect stability...
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    Has anyone played on the Edge Pro bridges? How do they compare to the old LoPro and Edge?
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    I've seen this on a lot guitars by now, Mine was stringed like that when I got it, but dumb as I was I didn't look HOW it was done before I removed them. How do you do that? I've noticed that on some string-brands the coil ends before the core ends, and on other they end at the same time. That...
21-32 of 32 Results