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electric blue
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    Just got this lovely 1993 with AANJ & lo pro edge. But what’s the color? It was advertised as Emerald Green but there’s nothing green about this color. I’ve owned Lazer Blue before in my old 565, and this isn’t quite that either. I’ve seen Electric Blue in the 1994 catalog- could this be a 1993...
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    Hey, all. I'd been thinking about picking up an inexpensive backup guitar for my RG920QMZ before I pick up a second solid axe next spring. I came across this Korean made 470 at a local GC. They were selling it for $300, and while that may be a little high for the make, it came with a nice...
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    Looking for an electric blue body for a square heeled rg550. I believe this was an early nineties model.
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    (Repost with updated/correct info) After acquiring a new main axe I must sell my long standing RG550 to recoop the fundage.. Spec- 1994 RG550 Electric Blue Edge Trem Dimarzio pickups (Super 3, Airzone, Area 58 Black/Green Bobbins) Green Dimarzio strap or Dunlop strap locks Also have a hard...
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    Looking for a rg 550 body, preferably in electric blue. Must have square style neck joint.
1-5 of 5 Results