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    Hello forum users. I've read online the opinions of some people, in which they consider that Elixir strings have more tension than uncoated strings at a given gauge. For the sake of comparison, i'm used to D'addario nickel wound strings (non coated). Do they really have more tension than...
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    I have a pack of Elixir Nanoweb 9-42 strings that's been sitting in my cupboard unused for a few years because I am missing the lowest 0.42 gauge string. I assume you can buy these separately but I'm not going to be using the pack even if I did that so I thought I might as well sell them on for...
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    Has anyone tried these new EB strings that are coated (I assume like Elixirs) and are reinforced with Titanium? If you have what did you think? Are they worth the price as far as coated strings go? Do you use them with your trem, how did it work out?
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    I normally uses a ernie ball super slinky 0.9-0.42 planning to swtich to a .10 though Anyway, just a short question Is it okay to put .10 strings into a 3-spring trem?
1-4 of 4 Results