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epiphone les paul standard

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    to everyone that already owns a Jem Is it really worth it? $2200? and if you compare it to a RG1570 which is like $700, is the Jem "three times" better? One more question, Gibson LP standard or A Jem? Thanks for your attention.
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    This is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Honeyburst Electric guitar. It has amazing tone but just not my kind of guitar (i like floating bridges). Features 2 x humbucker pick ups, mahogany/alder body, maple top, rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays. I want $400 for it. Features...
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    Hei guys, its me again with this slightly provocative statement. How reasonable is it to lets say invest 3000 Euro in a boutique amp for an average guitar player. There is that expression saying "its all in the fingers" which ultimately isn`t quite correct because the fingers just do what your...
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    Someone started a list all your guitars then list all the previous guitars you've owned thread. It made me realize I go through stuff way too quick. Here's my list. Have Les Paul Standard Les Paul Classic 73 or 76 LP Custom R7 Squire '51 with a ton of upgrades Mexi Strat Ash Tele Ibanez...
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    Ok, here are my amps, both are all-tube and handmade. They are not Boutique amps or expensive amps. They are one of the 2 popular tube amps made in Argentina as an affordable alternative to Mesa and the like. The one in the left has 4 6l6 and 5 12AX7 with a sound close to the one found in the...
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    What is going to be your next guitar acquistion? I plan on it being a PMC, GMC, PRS, LP, or an American Srat. It depends on the best deal available at that time with how much I have to spend.
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    Hi, New here and not sure where to put this. These are My Guitars :) Fender Stratocaster (2006 Mexican) that I got this year. My Squire Strat (First Guitar) Which soon I will paint (B&W EVH Frankenstrat) Currently has no Strings (Or bridge as Im replacing that) My Samick P-Bass
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    I recently traded my RG2027X for 2 epis (and 500U$S), both Zakk Wylde models. One of them is a custom made Rebell, and the other one is a regular Zakk Wylde model. Both guitars came with HSC. Here are the pics of them: What do you think of the customized standard?
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    (4) Celestion 16ohm G12-75T's - $50 each Epiphone Les Paul Standard Black with gig bag - $250 Schecter Blue Omen-6 with gig bag - $175 Marshall 9001 Tube Pre Amp. Great shape. No footswitch - $200 Line 6 POD 2.0 - $110 RG350DX body - $75 (Perfect shape) RG470 body - $75 (Fantastic...
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    FOR SALE: Gibson (not Epiphone) Faded Cherry Flying V with Gig bag. One month old - $550 shipped Ibanez RGA121 with case. Minor blem on back. $600 shipped. Digitech GNX3000 with gig bag and Supermodels disc. Perfect shape. - $300 shipped Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Black with cream binding...
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    I am looking for a good new/used Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Electric Guitar much like this one in Evilbay: http://cgi.****.com/ws/****ISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7419443319&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT What should I pay attention to, so I don't get ripped off, like so many Jems on...
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    Does anyone know how the epiphone les paul classic would compare to the epiphone les paul standard ? There both the same price but have different pick ups and necks. Also would the Gibson SG special faded be better than these guitars?
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    I need to decide between two guitars a fender showmaster and an epiphone les paul standard anyone know which is better quality wise? Also I like the classic rock zeppelin sound. Does anyone know if these guitars are well made? Just thought i'd ask I have played both in the store but they give...
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    I am selling my Epiphone Les Paul Standard In Sunburst complete with EMG-81 and EMG-85 active pickups, as Zakk Wylde uses and it also has planet waves auto-trim tuning pegs which cut the string if you push it against them! It is good condition and is a few years old, it does have some small...
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    I am looking for a good left handed ibanez, something like the rg470L or rg550 or similar, I will trade for a epiphone les paul standard in great condition. I live in solihull in birmingham
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    Items for sale: See Below... Description & Condition: See Below for details Asking Price: See below for details My Location: Raleigh, NC Terms of Sale/Purchase: Paypal prefered, buyer pays shipping costs. Other Information: The details.... Line 6 podPro & Floorboard - $450 - The...
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    Item for sale: RG470L Description & Condition: Black, LoTRS2 bridge. Inifinity pups, 2 buckers 1 singe, Wizard 2 neck. You should know the rest. Few scratches here and there, not that noticeable unless you're looking up close. Main fault is the extra pair of holes for the strap pegs drilled in...
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    Hello all & welcome. Any new, regular or returning member can feel free to introduce themselves here :) .. glen related threads: * Jemsite Users Nicknames (usernames) - just curious.. * New members: Locations please!
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    I have been playing an EPIPHONE LES PAUL STANDARD for god knows how long, however have always had my eye on the JEM-7D in specific since it came out. I have never played it and am finding it hard to find many unbiased (reseller selling how great it is) articles or reviews about the 7D. I would...
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    Hi guys!! I thought we'd do a less controversial topic this time around... I'd like to hear about your favorite rig setup ie: What guitar you use, amps, effects..in what order do you like up your effects/pedals... I think we can learn from each other on this one!!!