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ernie ball

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    Hey all, Just wanted to see if I could find a JP12 somewhere on the wide web. Let me know if you're willing to part with yours, thanks!
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    I bought from Sweetwater less than 6 months ago. Guitar is literally in mint condition, the outside of the case has a few scratches, rubbed against my Kiesel bag at some point apparently. Asking $2500, negotiable, but please no lowball offers. Email me at [email protected] for...
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    When it came out in the early 90's, Vai touted the seven string as the next great evolution in guitar playing. He used it exclusively for a few years and then just sort of dropped it. Amongst other players, Satch, Gilbert Petrucci, etc.. it may be used occasionaly, but it's never their main...
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    But before i ask, let me tell you THIS: 1) Yes, i searched the forum and found some remarks here and there, BUT it had no value to me (because everyone only said "i like it" or "i don't like it" or so...). So please, PLEASE do not tell me that this special topic has been touched in the last...
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    Ernie Ball has made Mr. Petrucci a VERY happy man. The rest of us must continue to suffer: http://members1.chello.nl/~n.tiemessen/jp/ Check the photos at the top of the page and weep with me, my friends.
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    How much do you think Jems will go up or down in value now that the last one is out? Announcment: [b] Got that off the website here : http://www.vai.com/News/news.html
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    Yup.  Never fails.  Always right at the bridge.   Why the heck does this happen?  Anyone got any advice?
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    What's the lowest you've tuned your guitar (6 or 7-string)?  I think I got it down to drop-D down to a low-B once with a set of Dean Markley Lights.  That was interesting.  I don't go much further than that though.  Right now I'm down a step.
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    I finally got my new guitar. I had been looking for one for quite awhile. I had gone through all the choses, Jackson, Ernie Ball, Tom Anderson (used of course), and then settled on Ibanez. I also own an RG 570 which is the guitar that is being replaced as my main player. This RG 3120 was had at...
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    Hi everyone, i'm saving my money to get a new 7 string. I'm very interested a "really" good one, a top of the line model. Most companies out there are removing 7 string from their catalog for 2002 but from looking at the pics of NAMM 2002 from Ibanez Rulez web site, i can see Ibanez is still...
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    Previous thread can be found HERE. Resume....
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    I'm not referring to the Ernie Ball Axis in this thread, but to the officially licensed Axis from Ernie Ball which is basically a copy of an Axis but with some circle design on the headstock that has two lines drawn thru it instead of the EB logo?? Anyone own one? If so what do you think? Thx...
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      Hello, I had an Ibanez JPM2 and the neck was unbelievable, as well as the tone and ease.  Is the Ernie Ball anything like this or does it feel more like a Steve Morse model?  Either way, I still can't wait for mine to get here.  MWAHAHA!  By the way, the split hums on the Ibanez gave the most...
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    I can't tell you how much I hate to be posting this in November! This is way too early for this kind of detail to get out, but it's been posted on the net by a distributor so that kinda leaves the door open. They have killed proposed models in the past because word leaked out too early. I hope...
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    Is the RG 3120 the best, most verstile guitar for the money in your opinions? I think I will get this guitar after a long two months of trying to decide. It was back and forth between a number of brands but I finally settled on this. (I hope) Butt just to make sure, are there any other guitars I...
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    http://www.kelownaguitarworks.com/kelownaguitarworks/itemdetail.asp?ID=109 Anyone know anything about these guitars? I heard that they're slightly modified versions of Ibanez's "Pro Line" models.. Any more pics available, info about the pickups, trem, whatever?
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    is it true that since they don't make the EVH one's anymore since he went to Peavey that the eernie ball one's could be sold for like 300 dollars?
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    If anyone can provide me info with the process by which these gutars were finished, or the name of a company that does this type of work, I would be very happy! Here is a link to a pic of what I am talking about. Nightswan Holoflash TIA, Kirk
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    LOOK AT MY AMAZING TYPING SKILLS.  EB MM JP. Sorry about that ;)  Anyways, on with the post! :)   Ok, im in the market for a new 6 string, and i want a Piezo and a trem.  I have a JS100 with DiMarzio PAF Pro and FRED added to it.  The guitar sounds fine, but the floyd is a hassle and is...
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    Which piezo pickups sound better in these brand of guitars? Hopefully if I get enough reply's I will be able to pick the most common one and go try that out. At the store the guy said that the Ernie Ball sounded better than the Ibanez but I wasn't there to try that out at the time. Since I can't...