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  1. Purple Ash Trpple H Jem

    Purple Ash Trpple H Jem
  2. Custom Gmc

    Custom GMC
  3. 1976 Fender Strat

    my 76 Fender strat
  4. Purple Guitars

    You guys know I love PURPLE!
  5. My Own Dna Swirl By Patrick Ii

    Thanks man, glad the blood stuck in the paint alright...
  6. Dna Clone Built For Cdog'sdad By Patrick Sims

    Some pics of the almost complete DNA clone that Patrick Sims built for me.
  7. Jem 7vsbl (fountain)

    Jem 7VSBL
  8. Custom Built Ibanez Jem

    my first custom build ibanez jem - the material came from an old skirt of my wife's. everything was hand built and hand finished - the gloss finish is from a spray can!!
  9. Ibanez 540 P2

    Hallo....arent you sweet
  10. Custom Painted Js1000

    Pics of my JS1000 custom painted and fitted with matching color DiMarzios(MoJoe & PafJoe)
  11. Floyd Edge

    Modified with Floyd Rose bar.
  12. Universe Prestige Black

    this is the best guitar I have ever played
  13. Rg7620 With Barbarelaxe Gmc Swirl

    RG7620 with Barbarelaxe GMC Swirl
  14. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    Hey guys, Went to Guitar Center last night and played an RG3120. I didn't really like it. The neck was too wide compared to the Wizard neck I am used to and love on my 1990 S540LTD. Do any of the current Ibanez axes have the same old Wizard neck, or is it all this P.O.S. "new" Wizard neck...
1-20 of 118 Results