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    Here's a couple of things that I'm working on at the moment. They're turning out really well. Below are some pics. The first is a Fireman made of korina. The grain is finally sealed up and today was the first of a few clear coats. This body will eventually get a neck made of korina as well...
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    OK, here's pics I promised of my 3 new guitars from Rich and my 2nd PGM10th this time from Gilkybear, both who deserve praise for putting up with me and my moving woes between July and August. Here we go! Fireman! (You cannot fathom how f**king heavy this case is even after I went through...
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    Dear Ibanez, I know that you got flooded with emails telling you to make a PGM Fireman, and you did. But the only problem is that its $9000. Most of us don't have $9000 to spend on a guitar. Which is why I BEG of you to make an affordable Fireman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also you have come out with 2...
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    I'm new here and I have an addiction to guitar porn.
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    Hey, guys. I know many of you know of perleguitars by now and I was checking his bay site and found this on there. I had this idea myself but wasn't sure how well it looked but actually it came out pretty nice. Prob would look a lot different when it was all together. I'm not sure if I will pick...
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    So yeah,the fireman page is up with links to pics and video + a second model made of Mahogany with H/H config.Second model no cheaper though!! Check it out. http://www.ibanez.co.jp/japan/news/f_products/2009/Fireman/index.html
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    Any word on when or if this guitar will be released by Ibanez? I have been a fan of Paul Gilbert & Ibanez for years, and just can't wait to get my hands on one of these beauties.... :-)
41-48 of 48 Results