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  1. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    For sale: 2014 Ibanez RG655 Firestorm Orange. Light playtime, no scratches or dents, very clean and well taken care of. Purchased in 2016 from Rich at Ibanezrules and it has his Silver setup. Frets feel wonderful, everything intonated as it should be. Plays fantastic. No Mods, Original Air...
  2. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    NGD: RG655 (My very first ibanez!!!) After months of waiting, this piece of guitar came into my country this month and bought it as soon as it landed the store :D I think I am the first one to have the 655 here in the Philippines :D I thought of getting this guitar from rich however i thought...
1-2 of 2 Results