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    Hi Folks, Just wanted to show you the first of our own 7 string models. Called the Tomahawk FX7, follow the link to check it out. http://www.etguitars.com/products/brands/et/tomahawk-fx7 Its the first of the new line, and will also be available with a Floyd. We're also happy to say that we...
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    On other forums (non Ibanez) when someone mentions Ibanez there is always a Jackson owner that has something bad to say about em....why is that?
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    I cant remember what it is called but its the thing where you play like a B on B string 12th fret and bend on G string to a B from 14th fret. I can do it fine but lately I've been hitting my D string when I let go of the bend. Any help cause it happens like every time I try and do these fast...
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    I'm assuming you can't say you have GAS with your very first guitar purchase, so now that I've found my 2nd guitar I think I can say this qualifies as GAS. :) I've been eyeing the Ibanez SZ models for a while now, with the intent of buying a fixed bridge guitar. (I love my RG550MXXRF, my very...
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    Title: Need to look for a new guitar after having bad experience with Musicians Enemy Hello I am looking for a 6 string guitar and I am on a budget of $600 maximum It has to be fixed bridge, 25.5 scale neck, 24 frets, 2 HumBuckers or H-S-H The guitar has to versatile as in getting nice...
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    I have a Gibson SG STD. I bought it because the neck was nice and the fingerboard on this particular one is uber sweet. It is a joy to play. I've never been very fond of the looks of the SG though. After having it about a year, it mostly stays in it's case because I've come to really be...
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    Quick question, are the trems on PRS like FR style double locking? Can they down tune easily without adjusting spring and bridge angels? thanks
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    Hey guys, I have been thinking about getting a fixed bridge guitar to experiment with tunings (and use tunings like paul gilbert's E E E A D E tuning). Any suggestions for a cheap fixed bridge guitar? I was thinking maybe a korean RG. I like the RGR421EXFM but its around 500 bucks and I would...
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    I love the PGM301, but what besides this?
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    Hey, what do you guys that have whammy bar guitars do when your learning songs and you find some that are in different tunings? Do you guys set up your guitar to that tuning? or do you play the song in your current tuning? or for example, if you the song your learning is in E flat, and you are...
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    Here is the info on the first new JS in a while - Premium Silver finish JS Prestige neck Mahogany body Fixed bridge 6105 frets PAF Pro and Fred Price -tbd link to catalog page - http://s87.photobucket.com/albums/k158/acoustic1991/?action=view&current=cid_00c901c84e4b6b14ad106400a8c0Fro.jpg Josh
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    I've got a ~$500 CAD budget for a guitar. In this price range I can't get a prestige and after trying a few of the lower rg trem models I saw myself getting really annoyed at the tuning issues they have. Given the limited selection on fixed bridge guitars from Ibanez, I really only have two...
  13. gah

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    Hey, which guitars would you guys get over the two i'm about to buy but i can't deceide. be truthful, its between the Ibanez RGA321 and ESP M-II . my brains going crazy!? which?????
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    I was out today and came across an RG550 20th Ann. model. Played it through a Genz Benz El Diablo 100 w/ a G-Flex 2x12 cab for about an hour. I really liked it, but the neck is a little wider than I expected. Seriously considering buying the one I played today. My question to anyone who has or...
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    I have for sale here an Ibanez Prestige 3120 in Twilight Blue. It is in pristine condition. There are only a few polish swirls and that is it. There are no dents, dings, scratches, pitting in the trem or anything else wrong with it. I bout it off the bay a month or so ago. Item number was...
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    I created this post to see if the market has changed for the Dave Weiner guitar? --I know there are a couple of similar posts out there: however, they go off topic and are old. With that said, please do not go off topic in this thread. ;)...
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    whats the point of having a Fixed edge bridge? a double locking fixed bridge guitar is just pointless. Re-stringing a trem sucks as is let alone doing it on a guitar that you can't crank on the trem arm afterwards. http://www.ibanez.com/eg/series.aspx?s=mtm
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    i bought one not long ago. awesome guitar. why did they stop it?
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    Everything is pretty damn good... I was not happy with the factory settings. Although the intonation is by far the best ive ever had. It came with 9's, Im going to stick some 10's on cause its to flimsy. Maybe even 11's. By just lowering the trem system, I was not able to get a action...
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    I'm looking for a budget fixed bridge guitar. Can anyone tell me how the RG321 compares to the SZ320? In terms of overall quality, sound, etc.? Any other suggestions to look at. I'm still a beginner and looking to add a fixed bridge guitar (for ease of changing tunings, etc.) to compliment...
1-20 of 207 Results