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fixed bridge models
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    Maybe it's old news but the RG421 is disco'd. I checked on one today and saw the price fell thru the floor. The explanation was that it was disco'd. Worked out great for me... got it for $299. Just hate to see such a great model bite the dust. I hope Ibanez duzn't consider this RG hardtail...
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    i think it would be better if we, the poor europeans, had more models than we have. i mean, a few days ago i was looking at a namm2002 report (thanks rich) and i flashed on the rgt3120. but there are no available where i live (france). sure i could order it from the us, but it would be easier to...
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    im about to get a ltd mh 301 and i wanna know if they are any good? i play heavy stuff, and this would be a back up mainly, but maybe a main guitar. i dunno yet. it would back up my soon to be PRS.....im getting it for 500. 6 monthes old. tell me wassup on them thanks (Edited by jono at 1:27...
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    Why doesn't Ibanez make an RG with a stop tailpiece? Why do they assume that everyone wants a vibrato bar on their guitar? Just curious.
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    About The RG-GEAR $2100 is about 40% off the LIST price shown on that guitar. That is assuming the LIST is indeed as marked,which seems correct. Good pricing new from dealer... glen
1-5 of 5 Results