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flame maple

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    Could someone please post a pic of the headstock of a hard tailed RG. I´d like to see what the truss rod cover looks like.
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    http://www.tremol-no.com I think this an overdue modification to an already brilliant design. 1st chance to get one, I'm all over it. The Tremol-no is NOW available ! ! ! http://www.allparts.com/nproduct.php?stock_id=2883 Order yours NOW ! Bamm
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    Updated for you all to have a browse at :-) Needs Grouting,and back,side and cavities need finishing Rob
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    I just took delivery of a new Artist AR250, and I am struck by how gorgeous the finish is. The flame maple top just seems too good to be true. I realize this is not one of the most popular models, and maybe no-one here is familiar with it. But can anyone tell me if this is just a veneer or...
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    Just want to see your feedback.
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    Does anyone know anymore information about this guitar apart from what i provided below? Also anyone have any reviews or know where there are reviews on this guitar? -Flame Maple top/Mahogany body -3pcs. Maple neck -Rosewood fingerboard -SAT30S bridge -IBZ AH4 (H) neck pu -IBZ AH4(H)bridge...
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    Coming NAMM January 2004... Click here for more info... Enjoy! Mikey vai.com
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    Well I've finally decided to refinish my sorely beaten up RG520. I've decided to ditch the quilted top and go with a flame maple veneer. I've read every article I can find on the refinish; I feel pretty confident. The only thing holding me back is the color. I want to go for this...
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    Well, it hasn't been the most profitable year around here, so I've been cleaning out alot of stuff and getting back to basics. (Anyone read the Guitar Sam cartoon in the last Guitar World with Korn on the cover?) So I sold my JEMs, the VSBL was the last to go, awesome guitars if you are...
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    well i was looking around music***.com and i happened to know the RG321 is missing, so i e-mailed them and asked why isn't it in the inventory anymore to view? They replied back and said: "Hello, the rg321 is not available anymore thank you" so i am guessing in the 2004 lineup, the RG321 won't...
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    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a way of making a autograph on a guitar (written w/sharpie) completly permanent. the sig can be seen here: http://www.broken-productions.com/yngwie.jpg Thanks, Djarumchiefer
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    My friend that works in a local music store here got a letter from Ibanez saying that the DBK will not be in the Jem line-up next year, but say's it will have a new one to take it's place.....What it will be it did not say....
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    i bought this from ebay. it went for $406 and had a mistake on the listing as having major cosmetic flaws so there weren't much bids on it. i got it in today and there isn't a scratch on it, it actually looks like it was never played, only thing wrong is it was missing the rear trem cover.
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    Hello all! I am new to this forum and just wanted to share my story and recent project. I have been an Ibanez owner for 11 years. I bought my first and only Ibanez, a Lazer-Blue RG565, in 1992. This was the guitar I learned how to play on and grew to love. Over the years I eventually...
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    Hi, My local dealer has received this guitar (RG2820 CTWB TW). Whooow ! this guitar is just... wonderfull !!! 8O Have you already seen it ? the sort of triple vine inlay, the "lagoon blue" flame maple top, the white binding around the body and neck... 8O 8O...
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    Try to get an idea on how you guys see your Ibanez's as would/couldave optioned from Ibanez. Edited (Gabriel has now modded it even more...)
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    just saw this.. never knew knopfler signed up with Fender. Fender has introduced the latest addition to its Artist Signature Series, the new Mark Knopfler Stratocaster. This guitar was designed by Fender and Mark Knopfler, and it is an exact replica of the guitar that he uses on stage while...
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    Greetings, I'm trying to help someone (a seller actually) identify an Ibanez RG but I can't seem to match it up with anything I see in the catalogs (courtesy of Ibanez Rules). Here are the specs: Korean made (serial S4084443) red burgundy color with flame maple top (tiger-striped variety)...
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    Hi guys, I just thought I'd share my joy with you. One of Germany's best luthiers, Rainer Tausch, made a fantastic custom axe for me. click here for a closeup Its body shape is an exact replica of my favourite Radius/JS shape and it features a massive 1-piece maple cap on a 1-piece basswood...
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    I know I am risking a massive flaming here - but bear with me on this OK? For so long I worked twards getting a Jem / Jems. Cash is a prob with two kidz and trying to get a band off the ground - but anyway, I traded and saved and eventually I got myself a Jem 77BFP and a Jem 7 Desert Yellow. I...