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fretboard wood

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    hey guys it's my first post in this forum so go easy on me :) I have the opportunity to get a replacement neck for my guitar and I can choose the fretboard between ebony and roasted maple. I know how ebony feels and I like that it doesn't stick to my fingertips when I'm bending. Should I...
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    I am in the market for a JEM &v Wh, and i have played the newer jems with the rosewood fingerboard and i was wondering if there wasa huge difference.. is it faster? slower? less dence? more dence? need to know soon thanks ryan
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    What's the difference, besides the pickups, between a JEM and an RG550 that makes the JEM a better guitar? My RG550 have the Edge tremolo. Thanks.
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    As the title says, voice your opinion on why you dont like strats or any other guitar for that matter. Heres mine, Why are all fenders the same? Same neck, same finish, same colours, same sound. Cant they give us something new, did evolution stop with the Strat?
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    just found a very cheap jem rootbeer. is it anyone that can tell me how it is??? is it similar to a fp jem or ... it should be!!?? it looks very cool
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    What do you guys think of the Fender Showmaster HH guitar. It's got two Seymor Duncan Humbuckers and an arch top. Is it a good guitar? On a side note would the two Humbuckers be able to nail a Jimmy Page sound.
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    This guitar is absolutely amazing! In addition to being absolutely beautiful, the neck is a dream to play and it's got my favorite pickup combo already (AN & TZ). When I put it down after playing I can't help but to just stare at it awhile. The pics I took just don't do it justice. Also, I'd...
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    Hi your looking at an Ibanez usrg30 in transparent Amber here is the run down . Ibanez usrg30 trans amber with a 3A grade top Green Dimarzio paf pro neck and Black steve's special bridge Basically new original edge trem I installed a new jack, one that wont come un-screwed It has a...
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    wich ar the differences?? in playing?? speed??? maybe the time, marks, spots on maple?? or only looks??? i think a readed something long time ago about maple and rosewood feeling different.. i had a maple fingerboard guitar Ibanez EX270 in the year 1993, but i dont remember, it was my second...
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    What a dissapointment! No maple fretboard RGs, no shocking colors (DY, SX, GR), no Wizard neck, no JEM reissues. I love Ibanez guitars, but don't understand the turn that the company has taken in regards to the release of new products.
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    I just bagged a DBK for £600 in mint condition with case and owners manual, I was amazed at the quality of the wood on the neck and the finish. Really top draw stuff, but when I owned a 7VWH the quality was far less than my 04 DBK and that was an 03 with ebony fingerboard. The 7V had dents in...
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    It seems strange that such a big company does not have a genuine custom shop. Do you think there would be interest in a web based custom shop system like jacksons? (http://www.jacksonguitars.com/resources/custshopquote/) It seems like a great way to get that custom JEM/UV/RG simply picking...
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    As successfull as the JEM range has been it seem interest is dwindling, the current models are uninspiring and the re-hash of the DBK into a super expensive "exactly the same but with a fragile chrome finish" model does not seem to being the JEM lineage any favours. Why can't they do a...
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    Installing fiber optic sidemarkers isn't too hard once you have a grasp on what needs to be done and how to (try) and do it best. In no way am I a pro at this, I learn something new everytime and that makes each project better than the last. If you are wanting to do this, I STRONGLY urge you to...
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    today i sold my Universe, and i plan to buy an ibanez rg7321 cuz i dont want a tremolo 7 string guitar soon, and then change the fretboard with an ebony or purple heart or, some of your recommendation, with an inlay on the 12 fret, install emg's emg 81-7 and 707. And maybe put an inlay on the...
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    OK, guys i know i´m going to get some beesting when i ask this, so.. What is your opinion about quality of newer and older Jem´s? Several years ago i had 1996 or 1997 Model 7VWH Ibanez Jem, and it has tremendous good sound - very sustained, very clean and also very screaming. Also when i tested...
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    Which wood is the best for necks? What's the difference between a RG470 and an RG470DX? Do any RG570s come with sharktooth inlays? Also, is it possible to add a pickguard to 570s or 760s?
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    I bought a knockoff JEM body on ****, and I'm interested in having the fret markers done with the Pyramid inlays. Where would I find the paper or decal or whatever to make or install those pyramids? Can someone here do it for less than $300 (the price of one of the advertisers above)...
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    which neck do you perfer?