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frets scalloped
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    i just wanna see what's the most popular of these options....and discuss what's the different between of them....is it better to change frets or scalloped the neck????
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    I just got a neck with the last four frets scalloped and was very surprised at how much easier it is to bend on those frets than on a regular neck. I always thought that scallop thing on a jem was just for looks, kind of like the monkey grip.
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    do you like scallops + your reasoning please. I have no oppinion on them as i have never played them.
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    Hee hee, well, I did it, ...I went and bought the thing. it is absolutely gorgeous and plays like a dream. The fit and feel is absolutely perfect for me in every way. Just thought I'd share. This is what I'm selling my Jem for and this just fits me / suits me better. What a great guitar...
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    Yep, yep, yep, 3 of my girls all over my bed... So Seksi...
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    Is it safe to scallop a bound neck? I was thinking if doing the Jem scallop on my RGR570 which has a bound neck. Thanks in advance.
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    so i am still working on a Jem custom project (same specs as '02 VWH: ebony board, 24 frets, alder body, Jem features and specs) and i need to get a neck custom made. i want a maple neck (Jem specs) with an ebony fretboard, pearl/abalone dissapearing pyramids and stainless steel frets that is...
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    I'm eventually going to buy a RG1570MRB and I am thinking of having pyramid inlays installed and having the top four frets scalloped like my Jem. I have a few questions though. First of all, who should I send it to to have the inlays installed and the top four frets scalloped? What color should...
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    Legacy one is building my dream guitar and i cant beleive its finaly going to get started. heres what im gettin Jem 10th style paintjob (black) with chrome binding (painted) insted of abalone. chrome pickguard from pickguard paradice with the vine etching Maple neck with ebony fingerboard...
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    Okay, so I guess it's time to start an official thread. My IbanED one has been temporarily disconnected. As some of you know I build Replacement Bodies and Necks for Jem and RG bodies. Legacy One started because I know how frustrating it is to have to wait for custom build parts. Watching...
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    Hi, Has any of the UV owners amongst us scalloped the 21st-24th frets of his/her non-AANJ UV? If yes, did it improve tone and accessibility in these regions? Is it worthwhile? I'm considering having my UV scalloped to improve access/tone. Thank you in advance for any input. Regards, D.
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    I've been called a gear whore lately for my uncontrolable urge to buy guitars. So, Here are all of children I've had with Ibanez:) 89-90' Road Bass 88' 777SK 91' 777 DY 91' 760 W/Sustainer 95' USRG30TP 97' SR400 99' 555BK now RD 01' JCRG21A 02' 7VSBL 04' 7VWH 05' 7BRMR 06' 20062 Puzzle I...
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    Well since this guitar is a melting pot of some of my favorite aspects of guitars I cant afford. I offer the Scallop of the 21-24 frets ala "Jem" I was nervous at first but I have some woodworking skills and well common sense. I see alot of scallop jobs where they just dig to deep and that was...
  15. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Just a thought... when you get a fretboard scalloped, does it remove the inlays, or do they go deep enough so there's actually some inlay left? Do you have to get the inlays replaced?
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    Just got back from holidays today and my PBK i got of evil bay was waiting for me. It is definatly a player, and has a great neck! However i notice there is no scalloping on the upper 4 frets as per the specification of this guitar. I am pretty sure it is not a fake, its got an 89 plate, proper...
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    Hello, My ibanez rg550 came with a Edge Floyd Rose put it's difficult to keep it in tune when using the tremolo bar. I did the right setup and the bridge is in neutral position. Maybe the problem it's the springs, but the guitar has only 2 years, I think the springs life it's only in the...
1-19 of 66 Results