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    Black FS-1 for sale. Bought it and ended up never using it. About 12 inches of lead on it. $45 shipped.
  2. Pickups & wiring
    im about to get a tone zone and air norton for my rg350ex. i'm wondering what single coil would go well for the middle... I've been looking at the dimarzio FS-1 but I noticed that some guitars (one being the rg3550mz) had a true velvet in the mid, so I've been kind of wary about choosing...
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    Let me start off by saying these just came out of an RG550 I bought and the previous owner left no room for error (i.e. the leads are short and will just make it to the pots). However, if anyone is interested in all 3, I'll leave them soldered to the switch and vol/tone pots and sell you the...
  4. Pickups & wiring
    I recently scored a PGM30 for a few hundred dollars in great shape... I want to replace the pickups with PAF Pro's and the FS-1 in middle.. My question is do I need to get a reverse wound FS-1 or a standard FS-1 ? thanks for clearing this up for me.. JON
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    For sale are two DiMarzio FS-1s, used in the neck and middle position of a stratocaster respectively. Both are in perfect condition, and the covers are the only signs of wear/usage. Included are the pickups, covers, and screws, They were used in the neck and middle positions of a stratocaster...