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    Hey guys, Due to the fact that I nearly only play my Regius I am selling my insanely minty RT650GA. It was purchased by my father in Rotterdam in 1992, and due to the fact that he pretty much stopped playing alltogether soon after it has just been laying in it's case all these years. This...
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    NGD: 1st 'real' Ibanez (1990 540SFM), let's see your 1st! Hi all- 2nd post. 1st was asking for help deciding wether or not to trade my georgous, dead mint MIK Iceman IC300 w/OHSC, plus cash for an overlooked beauty, 1990 540SFM transparent ocean blue. Only got one reply, but it confirmed my...
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    Longtime player. I look forward to learning more about Ibanez guitars, and am thinking about picking up a RG model of some sort. Cheers!
1-3 of 3 Results