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    Hello, I just signed up and this is my threat to get started. So, there is a JEM 77 FP I want to sell, becuase I'm now into acoustic music and I want to buy an oud. More detailed, an arabic lute. Greetings from Germany Klampfe
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    I wanna show my new Custom Guitar by german luthier Boris Dommenget. Hope you like it. Sounds and plays amazing!
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    Hi, I'm not really new here, but I do write for the first time indeed. Now, after I got my second Ibanez at home I'm ready to start talking about this great guitar brand. Cheers.
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    I'm having two guitars shipped from Germany to the US and am searching for recommendations on what shipping company to use. I don't care how long it takes, I just want it insured and trackable.
  5. Vendors, Auction & Reseller Talk
    Trying to contact SASCHA in Germany, who has sent ET Guitars a couple of emails. We have tried to respond to your emails, but been rejected by your email server. The problem is that your email address does not get displayed for us, we see just "N/A" as the From email address. We have no other...
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    Hi, i´m selling my Ibanez 77FP because i just keep this Baby in a Case and i dont Play it at all, since i want a Custom made Guitar i am in need of Money so here it is. Please keep in mind that this Baby is in excellent Condition no Dings no Dongs not even a Single Crack or Neck Pocket Crack or...
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    For the German Guys, my lovely JS is for sale here: It's located in the city of Münster. Greetings, Lorenz
1-7 of 7 Results