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    Hi Everyone, Newbie here. Please help me out and tell me if this is fake? The paint job is green rather than grey and I can't seem to find anything of a green version of Giger Iceman. I have seen the guitar in person already and i'm just not so sure if it's legit since i'm still pretty new to...
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    I've got a SHRG1Z (the s series giger) and what I can't seem to find is just how many of these were made? Yes I know loads of people have a problem with it as it's Korean but I love this guitar! Sounds and looks awesome!
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    Got this axe locally in pristine condition, a real case queen as there is no wear or marks apart from the pickup rings. MIK Iceman but plays like absolute butter and by far the finest MIK I have ever played - I never suspected an Iceman would be so comfortable!
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    Ibanez HR Giger special edition floyd rose, neck-through, 24 jumbo frets, 2 humbuckers I think this one is getting pretty rare. Looking for around 800 USD. It's in really good condition, the finish seems pretty much indestructible...
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    Hi All, I also posted this on the official Ibanez forums, but it looks like there is a bit more activity on this one :) Im pretty sure that I am going to buy one of these, love the look of them. I do have a few questions though and am have never owned an Ibanez so bear with me. 1) is the...
1-5 of 6 Results