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    Jemsiters - especially UK guys. if any of you are planning to be at music live 09 at the NEC in Birmingham drop in and see us at stand B94. we will have several guitars there minimum so drop by and introduce yourselves, chat guitars and have a tinker. look forward to meeting a few of you. Jaden
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    Today we are launching the Jemsite Reviewers' Club. Our goal with this is to encourage everyone to share their experience on products they've used and stores they've bought from. Jemsite Comparison Shopping covers today almost 4,000 products... guitars, amps, pedals, strings, etc. With a click...
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    1st post and hello. Trying to get info, so nobetter place
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    Alrighty guys, I know some of you wanted to know what I'm going to do when I decided. Well, I think I've come to a conclusion. At first I was thinking of selling all of my guitars and get a nice one, well I've changed my mind again but here's why. I've played a couple of different guitars...
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    Check it out: http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/50-guitars-to-play-before-you-die-part-1-198927 I haven't looked at what is #1 according to this site, yet. Could it be a JEM? :o
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    I am a guitar enthusiast. I like designing guitars, but I have no experience with being a luthier, but I still want to get my designs out. Is there any platform I can promote my designs, like a company that would be willing to accept them, maybe even pay for the use of them?
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    o hai
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    No floyd style trems. If there are single coils, i'd prefer to have the BPSSC system installed. I am looking to get one in the month of march, and will buy a new one if I don't come across any great deals. Thanks! -Steve
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    Were is the best place to post photos of your guitars on thi sight . What is the apprpriate forum . Thanks
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    In all seriousness (as if), how many guitars do you guys think is enough? What do you use them all for? That's apart from looking gorgeous on your wall, of course.
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    You know you're addicted to guitars when: - You turn the bathroom tap and listen for a change in pitch as you turn it. - Upon hearing someone say "We'll cross that bridge when you get to it", you imagine minature people clambering over one of the bridge saddles on a Fender Telecaster. -...
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    Hi Everyone - I'm really happy to announce the addition of Tom Anderson guitars at my shop. We've got the following guitars on order, let me know if you'd like additional details on any of these! Cobra S - Arctic Blue Burst, Vintage Trem Cobra - Cajun Red, Stoptail Drop Top - Light Tiger Eye...
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    Hi, I'm Ava, the blog moderator for Jemsite's newest community blog. I've been asked to write a short blog post for another blog on 10 Things You Wish You Knew About Guitars (Before You Bought One) and I'd like to turn into a Jemsite user-friendly concept. (10 Things Jemsite Users Wish They...
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    Hi Guys/Gals im new to this forum just thought i would say hi!!
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    New here. Lots of good info!!
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    Going on a gas spree tonight. Probably going to come home with a new amp. If you can guess what I purchase before I get back online tonight, I'll mail you a used Boss Metal Zone. One guess per person!