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    I'm having a new body made for my 7620 by Christopher Woods. It's going to be alder and purpleheart, with a crotch walnet veneer top. (Crotch walnut is regular walnut, but it's cut crosswise through the tree at a branch point). The guitar will get the Bartolini pickups and preamp that the old...
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    Hey all. I am thinknig about buidling a guitar for myself eventually and was wondering if anyone else has. I've seen kits that have the complete setup of everything i'll need (body, neck, humbucker, etc) and curious if any one else has used one of these before. If so can you shine some light on...
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    just wonderin whot guitars you dudes have got here is pics of mine http://photobucket.com/albums/v355/?action=view&current=vaiconcert061.jpg les paul std ltd edition sweet 8)
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    If you could customize your own JS, what would you put on it? My choices: JS Body: Basswood Neck: Maple JS Fretboard: Ebony Frets: 24 Dunlop 6105 Frets Inlay: Abalone DNA inlay (Like the Vai2K) Finish: Irridescent (Black/Green/Purple) Harware: Orginal Edge trem, Gotoh Tuners, barrel knobs, all...
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    But I have a few questions about my choice. First of all, I am in a bind on which JEM to get. I know I said VWH, because this is the one I am leaning towards. My other choices are the DBK, and the JEM10. The reason I would consider the DBK is because of the value. I am not real crazy about the...
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    Hello all, Considering skipping the "GrEeNmEaNiE7" idea for now, and going with a newer UV777BK, but hot rod it to the following: -Body to have Monkey Grip ONLY (And wipe out the pyramid inlay on the body, HELL NO!!!!) -DiMarzio Tone Zone 7 in bridge spot only -Single volume, no tone, but...
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    Hi guys, I just thought I'd share my joy with you. One of Germany's best luthiers, Rainer Tausch, made a fantastic custom axe for me. click here for a closeup Its body shape is an exact replica of my favourite Radius/JS shape and it features a massive 1-piece maple cap on a 1-piece basswood...
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    My Jem10 is playable again. She's far from being set up ok. One of the things that bother me the most is that some of the notes make something resonate. I have no idea what it is. It's when i play an open chord loud or when i play around the 12th fret. It's defenitely related to the freq of the...
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    Jeremy is shooting the final clear on this puppy today. When he is done you guys have got to see his work on this monster, I'll ask him to post some pics....he is kicking some serious tail. Here's the breakdown: RG7 body Insanely Quilted Maple Veneer 3 Tone burst: Sort of a PRS Tiger Eye...
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    What other 7 string guitars exsist that are in competition with the Universe. I'm looking to buy one sometime this summer and I wanted to explore options. Thanks
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    For anybody who's interested, I finally completed my newest guitar. I put the pictures up at http://home.mchsi.com/~kswaim/ under the completed guitar link. Feedback and comments are appreciated. Thanks! Kevin Swaim
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    reading this page: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Vine/1829/index1.html i wondered if there was any difference between JS- and JS Shaping Neck? if so, what's the difference?
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    Hello, I am just curious what you guys think about Carvin's. Im strongly considering ordering a 6 string neck-thru with them. They have tons of options, and loads of customisation, but are they worth a damn, is their built quality and playability decent?
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    i am going to get one done, but i am interested in who has gotten these. i am sure the work is impecable, but i would like to see pics of just unfinished body work. rich
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    all i am asking for is your top 3 with a brief description. 1: rgt3120: finally, a neck thru that is in production while i am able to buy one. mahogany and dual hums, killer! 2: rggear: never touched one, never even seen it in real life, but good that is one smooth guitar. 3: s1520bp: simple...
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    Ok, so Ibanez call you up one day and ask if they can give you a bazilion gazzillion guitars for the rest of your life, providing you come up with the ultimate *NEW* Jem, what would your own Jem be like. Many people (including myself) think the new blue jem is a tad boring, so what would be...
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    Rich, I figured this question would be one you would immediately answer....hehehe....hence the description....what is the difference between the original Chromeboys (the JS-3 or JS-4 if I am right?) and the JS10ths?  Anything?  Just wondering....thanks!
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    Mine would be: An RG body, mahogany with flame maple top mirror pickguard 2 dimarzio 'buckers, a TZ in the bridge, AN in the neck fixed hardtail piezo pup birdseye maple neck w/ ebony board, no inlays reversed headstock smoke chrome hardware I may not have the bucks now, but when I...
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    J-Custom & Prestige confusion - What makes a J-C a J-C? I'm a bit confused about this...especailly concerning the RG 6/7 CST/CT... Here they say J-Custom http://www.ibanez.com/custom.html Here indicates Prestige... http://www.jemsite.com/axes/htm_features/spec_ib7.ht In correspondence with...