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heather pearl
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    RG550 Heather Pearl- overview and clean test: From there you can see my metal test, including Ozzy and Opeth riffs...my two favorite metal artists. I had a ton of pics documenting me bringing this abused guitar back to life, but all were lost in a phone reset: ( Traded Korean BC Rich NJ...
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    I'd like to buy a 1987 RG550 in Heather Pearl with the maple fretboard and white pickguard. Obviously this is a shot in the dark but if you have one you'd be willing to part with please pm me and see if we can work something out. I would be willing to pay cash/paypal - also - if there's any...
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    ok, this is hard to let go of, although I never play it, it's been a case queen most of it's life, I bought it off of another well known forum member, frets are still excellent, body and paint is in excellent shape. would be hard pressed to find an original one in better shape. 1987 Ibanez 550...
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    WHAAAD he say?????? Another RG760HP????????? No way!!!! Yes way, thanks to my buddy Takin' a Ride for saving this nearly pristine body/electronics for me and the addition of my White 760 neck, and some correct hardware/pickups I had laying around............... Viola!! I get Heather-II...
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    Hi everyone. I just won an auction on ebay and am the proud owner of an rg550. It is either coral mist or heather pearl Im not sure. Made in 87 in the Fujigen factory according to the serial number. It has a black headstock with black pickguard. I can't wait to get it in the mail! My main guitar...
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    In the catalog, the heather Pearl (HP) , which I thought was "Hot Pink" LOL, looks the same as the Telesavalas. Is that right? http://www.ibanezrules.com/catalogs/us/1989/rg7.jpg
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    Twenty years ago I worked at Hoshino USA (Ibanez) and obtained a few instrument there. I got an RG550, Heather Pearl and an Iida Banjo from them. The Banjo looks and feels top of the line, but cant find a model number or serail number anywhere. Any clue what they are worth, or where to go to get...
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    1987 MiJ RG550HP Heather Pearl $575 + shipping Very RARE color and very clean, I hate to see this one go, but it is for sale. PM me if you need any more photos.
1-8 of 8 Results