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    I have a hard question. Why are pros (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Randy Rhoads) never using their amps with gain on them? They always use distortion/overdrive pedals and such. Why are they doing that? There are other great guitarists (Eddie Van Halen, SRV, Jake E Lee, Zakk Wylde) that just use the...
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    Dont know much about fx boards, and i dont have boss dealer near me, I un derstand what the GT5 is, but what i want to know is are these things solid. ie can they be jumped on!  etc in other words gigged hard not just in studio work. steve
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    Even though this site is mainly (?) for the American market I would still like to write this to those of you that cares (I posted most of this message at the old forum BUT I find these points still important, so here it goes again); Sincerely a huge THANK YOU to those of you that made the...
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    What kind of inspiring music have you been listening to lately? Feel free to share what you are listening to that gives you a musical boost.   This is what I frequently have been listening to these lasts weeks; Halford - "Recurrection" (Rob Halford the voice of Metal has returned back to his...