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herc fede swirl

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    This is one of hercs best pmc swirls if not the best. \ He cleared it and oh man it is flawaless and deep looking. It has edge bushings and posts installedm before the clear and a trem claw, Comes with perfect fitting back plates. This will make a dream project . I need an amp and i have way...
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    Just wanted to comfort the folks who are waiting for their swirls a bit. I received my PMC Strat yesterday and it's amazing! He still has my Tele, but I'm sure it'll be along soon. Worry not fellow jemsiters, Herc will eventually get your swirl to you, and you will be very pleased with the...
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    i just got a great deal on a herc fede swirl.it is not an ibanez but it is pretty. elay item nuber:260680922815
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    This guitar is pretty sweet. Not a Jem, but with the monkey grip and they routed the back into an AANJ style neck. When I was talking with Herc about the 7 String PMC style swirl, he remembered doing this. The sweet thing is, he swirled the neck as well. The pics aren't the greatest but...
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    Hi all; just thought I'd share the final results. I started this project back in November and couldn't have gotten here from there w/o the artistry, craftsmanship, knowledge and expertise of: - Herc Fede (Fede Designs), a proud new father, provided the body and swirled another masterpiece...
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    At last it is finished, and it came out sweet!!! I just had to share my excitement... Please let me know what you guys think.... It is not only candy for the eye, it sounds amazing too!!! One of, if not the best playing and sounding guitars that I now own.
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    My Herc Fede Swirled UV77 is on its way and I need a set of green knobs & a green switch tip to top it off. Please PM me if you have either of these. Thanks!
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    Just about done with this guitar, swirled it for a customer. Thought you guys might enjoy the pics!
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    Anyone actually know what he is upto at the moment? Did anybody see his Neon Strat on the Bay?? It was very bright :) Also, Does Cottam Guitars still do business with Herc?
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    check this out item number 270214713210.its origanly a 777sk had a herc fade swirl.the guy recons he paid £1950 for it and has a reserve on of £1600.think its worth it ??????
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    I was just looking around on e.b.a.y. (130200096494) and did a DNA search and came up with this. Here's what I thought was funny That line would be a crack that magically got there because the body wasn't property sealed first....or perhaps not sealed at all.(?) However, it's of no concern...
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    25th January 2008 Cottam Guitars expands!! :wink: Sue has now become......... Mrs Cottam 8) We hired a castle near Shrewsbury and had a great weekend! Her Dads speech was a classic :roll: We set the band gear up and got each of my guitar/bass playing mates up for a blast - and it...
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    300192866632 I have seen plenty of Fede swirls, but this one just does not look like his style, anyone else agree?
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    I thought this would be a funny thread. I just spent an hour trying to remember everything i had and what i still have. It's bad, i have a horrible memory. It runs in the family. Also, i have a large collection at my young age. However, i thought i'd be worth a few yucks if everyone shared a...
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    Well, after checking out Rich's Namm info I fell in love with the RGA121 in Crushed Dark Ruby. The guitar is amazingly beautiful and I've been wanting something different for a while. Found one on the bay new for $775 w/ free shipping so I pulled the trigger. I'll be replacing the pickups most...
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    Hello fellow Jemsiters! Well, I'm sure many of you read my post and some of you were eagerly awaiting this post. I tried to take a ton of pictures, so I hope that the pics answer most questions. I have 8 Jems for sale here. Here are some things to know about me and my guitars: 1. I have never...
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    Can you still buy that steve vai guitar with the swirly green body and head?
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    Afternoon Chaps Just wanted to canvas opinion on this.............. I will soon be offering a full DNA copy guitar Just completing this first prototype...... Herc Fede DNA body New Dimarzios New Cosmo Hardware Used Ibanez RG skunk neck with new board and DNA inlay Ibanez M100 case Cliplock...
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    pics for your multicolor jems... It would be real cool if everyone posted there swirl jem models here (pics), look foreward to viewing some swirls! Tom.
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    I HIGHLY recommend everyone see this movie. I don't care if you love or hate Michael Moore, WATCH THIS FILM. Especially if you live in the states. Unf*cking believable........................................