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hm strat
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    Anyone have an HM strat in good shape? I'll buy it from ya. Bluestone is my favorite color. I also like turquoise and the others. Maple neck preferable, but rosewood is fine also. Email me, [email protected]
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    I'm trying to find my way around here. I was looking at HM Strats for sale and my search brought me here. Now where's that HM Strat hiding?
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    I've owned it since 1998 and sadly it's been in a case in the closet for most of that time. As much as I really like it, I just don't play it. It's a fantastic guitar but I'm really just an Ibanez guy I guess. Anyway, it's in great condition for it's age. I took a bunch of detailed pics this...
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    Hey everybody, I've been after an HM Strat for a while, but haven't had too much luck with finding one. I'm mostly after a MIJ one with a maple neck, but if you have a nice MIA one i'll check it out too. While I'm mostly after the HM Strat, I'm also looking for a Nightswan. The Nightswan would...
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    Hi everybody! ;) I'm looking for a Fender HM Strat with this specs: - White/Cream body - Maple Fretboard And that's all! I don't care about the condition (body dings, etc.) as long as the price would be reasonable and in proper accordance with. Keep rockin. SBL.
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    Everything works great. Bridge pup is a Bill Lawrence U.S.A. 500XL. Everything else is STOCK. She's been great but she's got to go. Great shape for a 20 yr old guitar No case and will be packed professionally. $450.00 paypal I will charge actual shipping depending on the destination +...
1-6 of 6 Results