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    Hi all I joined when considering buying a jem a few years back, but then the seller changed his mind, and then I did too. Still visit once in a while though the past few years have been busy. Anyway, I have a hosono tele body and neck I'm thinking of selling. It is an awesome guitar but I...
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    Here is a really cool, high-end piece. It is a Sammy Sanchez USA Custom superstrat in pearl white, featuring a single humbucker with a Floyd. Sammy is a luthier and tech in LA who has an extremely impressive client list (google the guy to see them all- it's a big list). This build uses only...
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    after visiting sight decided to join . i play alot of old hosono tempest models
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    I have a guitar neck that i purchased from Ebay, anther gentleman on another forum has informed me that the neck was originally made as a back up neck for a guitar made for Bradford Kelly, of the Australian Band "Heaven". I was wondering if there was truth to this, because i also remember...
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    I have a 5 string bass that I bought used in about '96...I was told it was a custom built bass and it has no identifying marks on it BUT it looks remarkably like an Ibanez bass. The gentleman that I bought it from told me it wasn't an Ibanez, but I never believed him...it looks like an...
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    Very nice custom guitar! The neck is from an original 1990 Ibanez RG770 (non dx) in Laser Blue - maple neck, rosewood fretboard, silver sharktooth inlays. Ask anyone - RG770 necks are the best playing necks on the planet. The body is from Hosono Guitar Works - they were the best of the best...
1-6 of 6 Results