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    I'm moving and I don't fully trust the moving company so I want to keep my guitars with me. Problem is I am going to TX so it is hot hot hot and will take 4 days. I plan on putting them in the bed of the truck that has a locking tonneau cover. One is in a case the other a gig-bag. Should I be...
  2. Pickups & wiring
    Hi, So I got a set of 7 string pickups from Suhr yesterday that I am going to be putting in my OMC 7 string. I tested to see if they would fit in the cavity and noticed that, well, they don't. :( They don't fit into the cavity in terms of height. Like the pickups would be too high and won't...
  3. Pickups & wiring
    Hi there, I was wondering what pickups i might put in my Tokai les paul? I play heavy metal, and Im looking for that kick that I cant seem to get with the stock's Ive been looking at some seymores invaders (sh-8) but are there any other pickups, maybe not "popular" or ones I may not of heard of...
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    I have a pair of Ibanez Hotgrinders that need a resting place. I don't have springs for either, but I have the screws for one of them. I'll sell them each for $30, or both for $50. $5 for shipping in the US only. PM me for pictures.
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    I had picked up a used Soldano Hot Mod a couple weeks back. It turned my Marshall 2150 into a beast, even at low volumes! I finally enjoy the tone with this amp now. I don't even need an overdrive pedal with it any more, unless I want to go way over the top! It basically replaces the second...
  6. Off-topic / Miscellaneous
    Sportstars tend to do alright with the ladies. My vote for the hottest goes to Chris Judd's(Australian Football or AFL) mrs Rebecca Twigley. Who's your favourite?