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    Today i did go check this Ibanez 570 MIJ out. 2001 year model. Super wizard (wizard) neck-the one with the bubinga stripe. Original edge trem,turners stamped made in japan. No fretware. Clean neck,fretboard&head. Edge looks new,front and back of body totaly clean. 3 small dings in total, 2 on...
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    I am looking to but an Ibanez RG570 but its akward due to the fact that the guitar is Flourescent Orange and has Sharktooth Inlays. I have personally never heard of that any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
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    Shredders' monster here. Ibanez Edge and all hardware in Cosmo Black. Pickups will be the stock V7 S1 V8 pickup re-installed. Scalloped frets 15-24 and body matching headstock in Flip Flop Purple/Pink rare color. Fabulous guitar. Trimming the Ibanez herd. $570 USPS MO+ actual shipping...
1-3 of 3 Results