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  1. Mc Universe Electronics

    dimarzio blaze set universe
  2. Redburst Radius.

    Redburst Radius.
  3. Chromeboy.

  4. Upgraded Jem 90th Ham

    D activator bridge, dual sound neck, super switch, split 900k pot(to fase out/gives 19% clean boost). Brass Big Block, brass claw, noiseless strings, arming adjuster, titanum nut screws.. rechrome guard, tremarm, fine tuners is next maybe..
  5. My Own Dna Swirl By Patrick Ii

    Thanks man, glad the blood stuck in the paint alright...
  6. Custom Built Ibanez Jem

    my first custom build ibanez jem - the material came from an old skirt of my wife's. everything was hand built and hand finished - the gloss finish is from a spray can!!
  7. My New Jem 7vwh

    Love the inlay
  8. Jem Design Contest 02

    one of the proposal I sent for the contest
  9. Rg 540 Pii Power 2 Skolnick Signature

    RG 540 PII, skolnick signature, S-H, pure ibanez USA pickups that are so powerful ! The real metal **** .
  10. Da Spooky Kramer

    My 1987 Kramer Baretta with custom art.
  11. Ep9

    Euphria EP9
  12. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I know alot of people are strapped financially and the Bay/Live.com $250.00 rebate is a great way to save yourself ALOT of money. In a nutshell, Microsoft is trying to knock Google out of the #1 search engine spot and one of the ways they're doing this is by partnering with the Bay and offering...
  13. Jem777lng #334

    Ibanez JEM777LNG in dead mint condition
1-20 of 498 Results