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    I'm not too good at identifying the various models... but I do see that it was made in Japan. Any idea what model it is? http://topeka.craigslist.org/msg/4488136460.html
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    Ibanez Jem v7sbl Steve Vai Guitar The guiar is in great condition - barely played. The one flaw is a chip on the side of the sparkle blue finish (this happened at band rehearsal when I leaned over a wooden stool to adjust monitor mix while I was wearing it) - this flaw is the only thing keeping...
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    Hello all. I am a new member, I found this site while on my Internet quest to find out what model my guitar is. Ther serial number starts with F7 has no tone control only volume control with three independent toggle switches which switch the two single coil pickups on or off and turn on/ off and...
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    To all guitar users with mahagony body. Ibanez or non-Ibanez First of all Hi, My 3nd post out here and as always looking for new ideas. The reason I posted this thread is because I was looking to solve some issues regarding my Ibanez s770fm (you can check my other post) There were NO THREADs...
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    Hey guys I've had my first guitar for a while now and would like to move onto something a little more high quality and more suited to me. I was hoping you could find an ibanez that interests me £800 budget Im not sure about floyd rose, floating tremolo things. i dont know how to use them. is...
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    Just picked up a brand new RG1570MRB from a couple that got it as a wedding gift...it had never even been taken out of the case! picked it up for $500 So..my question is which Dimarzio pickups should I put in it. I play mostly Vai, Satriani style music. Thanks for the help!
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    HI, My friend gave me this Ibanez les paul custom guitar, I've tried doing some research but couldn't find the information i need. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!!:cool: All i know about it is: * left hand guitar * should be from 70's * has set neck * star on tunners * no serial...
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    Does anyone know what model Ibanez this is? I have someone trying to sell me this guitar, but I can't figure out what it is and therefore, what its worth. Thanks in advance everyone. Oh, one more thing, if you know what it is, how about a ballpark on its value??? Thanks again!
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    from brisbane, australia
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    i'm looking for pics of cherry wood ibanez played by joe allen
  11. Pickups & wiring
    Hi guys! Not too long ago I ordered 3 new YM-50 Switches for my Ibanez guitars and replaced them. Now after 2-3 weeks they started to produce noises and crackles again....:( What are the best 5 way switches on the market that are enough strong and made by good material. I would like to know...
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    This one is in stock and ready to roll! I ship for free inside the USA, charge no sales tax if you're outside of MA, include a free pro setup to your specs and can give you 6 months 0% interest financing! Hit me up for details! Matt :) Matt's Music Center 35 Pleasant St Weymouth MA 02190 USA...
1-12 of 12 Results