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    ...in general + good condition, nice swirl. case (not original) but included I will only send in Europe I recommend to pick up in person in Poland Price - 3400Euro
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    Time to get working on these beauties from Al. The GMC is first because its already cleared and I love it. On the right 2nd down. Green vine , yellah stem. Teak and Sycamore neck. More to follow.
  3. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    Hi I`m thinking about selling my Ibanez Jem Gmc -92 with lo-pro edge. What price do you think is fair??? It is in good shape, small dings but nothing to worry about. I bought it very cheap so.... Please help me (I might even keep it)
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    Item for sale:Ibanez Jem GMC Description & Condition:Body is in Excellent Condition with only the usual crack in the paint by where the neck leaves the body (upper left). No other body chips or damage at all. Two small chips on black part of headstock. Pickguard has crack on left side where...
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    ok, we talked about how we got hooked on Ibanez guitars, so how many do you own now and what are they? 1990 RG550 1993 RT650 2001 JS100 I wish I own a JEM77GMC though.
    air norton air norton neck alder body andy timmons andy timmons model atd swirl basswood guitar beautiful guitar bfp jem black pickguard blaze neck brian calvert brian moore bridge hum bridge humbucker bridge position candy apple red carvin bolt charvel evh charvel evh art charvel evh art series charvel model chris woods chrome vine coil split crystal planet custom exotic wood custom guitar custom guitars custom ibanez custom jem custom jpm custom rbm custom shop custom swirl darren wilson dave weiner dbk jem dimarzio blaze dimarzio evo dimarzio evolution dimarzio evolution bridge dimarzio paf dimarzio paf pro dimarzio tone zone dino cazares dna swirl double edge bridge double neck dual sound duncan distortion ebmm jpm ebmm petrucci ebony fretboard ebony fretboards ebony neck edge bridge edge trem electric guitar epiphone les paul epiphone les paul standard evh art series evo pickups evolution bridge evolution neck fede swirl fender custom shop fixed bridge fixed bridge guitar flame maple flamed maple floyd rose fretboard wood gibson les paul gibson les paul custom gmc swirl gotoh tuners guitar collection guitar playing guitar tech herc fede herc fede swirl herc swirl ibanez acoustic ibanez bass ibanez collection ibanez dealer ibanez guitars ibanez jem ibanez jem gmc ibanez jem vsbl ibanez jpm ibanez les paul ibanez models ibanez pgm ibanez rga ibanez rgr ibanez rgt ibanez roadstar ibanez talman jackson kelly jackson soloist jason becker jem bfp jem brmr jem bsb jem custom jem dbk jem dna jem gmc jem lng jem pbk jem pmc jem vsbl jem vwh jennifer batten joe perry joe satriani left handed guitar les paul les paul classic les paul custom les paul standard les pauls lgm guitars local music store locking tuners mahogany body malmsteen strat maple fingerboard maple fret maple fretboard maple neck maple necks neck pickups neck plate neck position neck pup paf pro paf pro neck paf pros parker fly parker fly deluxe patrick sims paul gilbert paul stanley peavey amp peavey jsx phil collen pickguard screws picking technique pickup combo pickup ring pickup rings playing guitar prestige wizard pro edge pro edge trem pro edge tremolo pro neck pull coil quilted maple reverse headstock reversed headstock richie kotzen road flare red rosewood fretboard sam ash scratch plate seymour duncan seymour duncans sharkfin inlays sims custom sims custom shop sounding guitar squier strat squire strat steve lukather steve vai stomp box strat plus string acoustic string sustainer suhr standard sunburst finish super distortion sustainiac stealth plus swamp ash swirled body swirled jem texas prestige tobacco sunburst tone zone bridge tube amp tung oil usa custom exotic wood vinnie moore viper neck warmoth strat white pickguard wolfgang special yamaha rgx zakk wylde zone bridge
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    just wanted to see what everyone has I know alot of you jemsiters have 10+ guitars. Mine will be posted as soon as my musicman gets done being painted and my Ibanez RG shows up. I have 5 Guitars On Its Way --->Ibanez Rg570FT Thanks Again Kirk Kramer Striker Heavily Modified Fender Strat Full...
    acoustic amp addario strings air norton alesis midiverb alesis quadraverb amp head ball volume pedal blue voodoo blues saraceno boogie dual rectifier bridge hum bridge humbucker bridge pickup bridge position charvel model clean tone combo amp crate blue voodoo crystal planet custom exotic wood custom shop delay pedal digitech whammy dimarzio evo dimarzio pickup dimarzio pickups dimarzio super distortion distortion pedal double neck dual rectifier dunlop crybaby ebmm jpm eddie van halen egnater tol electric guitar epi les paul ernie ball volume pedal eventide eclipse expression pedal expression pedals fat strat fender bassman fender deluxe fender deluxe reverb fender hot rod fender princeton fender princeton chorus fender roc pro fender strat fender strats floyd rose foot switch fret guitar furman power conditioner gibson les paul gibson les paul custom gibson les paul standard graphite nut horsie wah ibanez bass ibanez guitars ibanez jem ibanez jem gmc ibanez jpm ibanez les paul ibanez rbm ibanez roadstar ibanez talman ibanez usa custom jem bfp jem bsb jem custom jem dbk jem gmc jem vwh jim dunlop kjg wiring mod korg dtr les paul les paul custom les paul deluxe les paul standard marshall avt marshall jmp mesa boogie mesa boogie mark mesa boogie rectifier mesa mark mesa recto mike keneally modded ibanez mxr distortion neck humbucker neck pickups neck thru paf pro parker fly parker fly classic pearloid pickguard peavey classic peavey rockmaster peavey ultra peavey ultra plus pedal board pickup selection pod pro pointy headstock power amp practice amp quilted maple recto cab rich warlock rivera tbr rocktron chameleon rocktron hush rocktron intellifex rocktron midi mate rocktron velocity rosewood neck sansamp psa sonic maximizer space rack steve morse strat style super distortion sustainiac stealth plus teese rmc tube amp tube combo tube power amp tube preamp usa custom exotic wood van halen volume pedal volume pots voodoo lab voodoo labs vox wah wah pedal yamaha pacifica yngwie malmsteen
1-6 of 6 Results