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    Hi guys! I have a old Ibanez RX20 and was thinking to do some mod on it but I found something very interesting. The serial number on headstock says the guitar was made in Indonesia, but the serial number on it is C6045027 which means that the guitar was made in Cort's Incheon or Daejeon...
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    Hi there. I got my old guitar (Ibanez RX40 korean Made). I am planning to custom and changing my pickup to EMG 81 and 85. There is a problem, that it is very difficult to find a new pickguard for RX40 that have 2 humbucker pickguard with the same screw hole. Recently i just saw the Ibanez RX20...
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    Hello all, I am restoring/modding an old ibanez rt-150. I'm basically making an Andy Timmons Clone. However i have had a tough time finding an ibanez maple fretboard neck with 22 frets. I do not want to pay a lot of money as i am trying to clone the AT100 to save money. That and i wanted to...
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    I'm looking for an Ibanez RX neck with maple fretboard. If i can't find just the neck i could be interested in a complete RX guitar, it doesn´t matter if the body of the guitar is in player condition but the neck must be ok. If you have any lying around please let me know. I have several parts...
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    So I had to kill 30 minutes while waiting for one of my favorite restaurants to open up for dinner, and thus I wandered into Guitar Center. So I'm walking around and browsing random stuff, when I see an old Ibanez RX series loungin' around. Strikes me as a poor man's Andy Timmons, and he's my...
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    i'm looking for RX models with maple fretboards, Thanks
1-6 of 6 Results