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    I'm currently torn between the two. My friend is selling his Ibanez S320 with dimarzio pickups and another friend is selling a GRG270 with stock pickups. Which one is better? I play metal and rock and like to shred.
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    Hi, this is cross-posted, and I apologize. But I'm an utter n00b and I only have tonight to back out (or not) on a deal. I was originaly gonna buy an Ibanez S320, but the guitar they had in stock had probs, so I accepted a JEM JR. (333? The dealer says it isn't!) instead. I can go back...
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    I look for a pickup in the bridge of my Ibanez S320. I play very much clean and I am interested in pickups that will sound great clean. I am scared about a muddy sound. I really don't want anything muddy in the sound of my guitar. I like Satriani and Vai very much this is why I already...