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    Hi Folks, I've been looking a little more closely at Jackson lately, and am drooling over some of their models like the DKMGT (EMG's and reverse headstock), and I was wondering about their quality/product herachy verses Ibanez's. I'm beginning to be unhappy with Ibanez's product-line...
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    I've made a similar thread on the JCF forums. I thought I was set on the Jackson KE2, but then I looked closer at the JEM7V. They have the exact same list price (to the penny!). And I was wondering (from the owners of this guitar), what are the major Pro's of the JEM7V? Help me decide...
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    Hi All... I have 2 RG bodies a 570 and a 620... Which trem or trems would you / should I fit into them? The reason I ask is that I'm a little confused as to which trems to get / fit. I get told loads of different bits of info such as 'don't touch Edge III's' or 'stay away from TRS's' etc but...
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    Not Sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes... I've repaired and built guitars for a few years now. A dream I've had since I was about 15. I have a decent shop, and I been able to make some decent money on the side for the last year or so doing custom work. I specialize...
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    Im interested in hearing which one of these is considered better? What features does each have and things are bad about each? I dont knwo uch about the Ibanez bridge so bear with me.
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    Just spent half my day trying to fix intonation I had a lose saddle I tightened it too much, got a new saddle trying to fix it back to the original position I was fed up cos it didnt go back to normal so I started it from scratch each individual saddle Who decided to put the nut under string...
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    favorit trem?
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    Is the Edge Pro stiffer than the older Ibanez trems?
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    and do you have a preference for trems? I need to select a trem for my Ibanez project but i'm having a hard time deciding! thanks
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    Does anyone know if any of the ibanez tremelos like the edge or the edge pro II can be used to replace a floyd rose setup. If modifications are required, please list.
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    hi all, i am currently hanging on a Jackson RR3 Pro Series with the above mentioned floating trem. i wonder if a Gotoh or Ibanez Edge trem can retrofit into the RR3's body? please advise. regards.
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    ...what would it be? What would it look like? Hardware? Colours? Photoshops are a must in this thread. Cheers.
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    My UV777BK is new (for reference, in case I'm not aware of things that changed on recent models). The action was delivered ridiculously high. Having read through both the manual and the setup instruction here, I started looking for the post set screws with my 1.5mm allen. I've had zero luck...
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    basically what i said in the title i used to be a floyd rose additct. loving the divebombs and all techniques that it opens up for you to show off and make you sound so much better than you are but ive suddenly become a devout lover of fixed bridges maybe someties a vintage style trem as well...
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    Hey I'm Cody. I'm new here, and sadly, I do not own any Ibanez guitars. However, if I had the means I would not hesitate. At any rate, I have a Jackson DK2M. Right now, it has a Jackson JT580 Low Profile Tremolo in it. I tried swapping it out for an OFR (much before I considered any Ibanez...
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    hey guys i recently got an RG220B used for a pretty good price its my first guitar with a trem and i was just wondering a few things the trem on the guitar is by far not the best Ive ever played and Im wondering, is there any other Ibanez trems that I could change to, and how much would it cost...
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    Which one would you guys choose for a guitar that i'm converting from ht to trem? Also where is a good place to buy a floyd 7 because all i can find it on is ed roman's lame site. Also is it more money for an edge 7 pro than an edge7?
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    Anyone been/going to the recent tour dates? I just came back from their gig in Leeds just now, and it was so ****in tight and intense. And yes, his Xiphos is awesome, that bastard gets a Floyd Rose Pro and satin finish, but man it got totally drenched in his sweat, haha.
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    I need the bolt/stud (holds trem to the body of the guitar and allows it to toggle) for a 92 Ibanez ex1700 series. Gold finish for standard trem. Anyone, anyone, anyone??? Now accepting replies/suggestions!
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    I'm working on a project guitar based on an RG and am trying to find a prestige wizard AANJ neck. Aside from the occasional used piece on ****, finding this neck has been a real pain. Also, I've not had any luck finding a wiring harness for a two pickup guitar either. Parts resources seem to be...