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ibanez tremolo

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    Hi, I'm looking Ibanez edge tremolo plate or tremolo (edge and lo-pro)
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    Hey, can the ibanez zr tremolo dull out as the floyd type tremolos? i am just thinqueing of buying a ibanez s5470 tks and it has that bridge.
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    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar(searching for): I am looking for a black Lo-Pro model. Location (City,State or City,Country): Buffalo,NY. Will purchase from/ship to anywhere depending on price and method of payment/shipping, required Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM's References...
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    hey, i was wondering if i could replace my edge pro-2 tremolo with an original ibanez edge without re-routing the body. and would it be worth it? kind regards, dan
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    Hello to all! I changed strings set on my Ibanez RG1527 from Lite 9-52 set to Regular 10-56. I faced the problem of leveling the tremolo to right angle (tension springs are in /I\ and the claw is all the way to the wood, but the tremolo is still to high). Should I buy a set of stronger spings...
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    Im in need of a Pro Rock,R termolo
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    What makes an Edge Pro 2 (or any of the cheaper Ibanez tremolos) cheap?? I'd like to know because rite now i have an Edge Pro 2 that needs a desperate replacement, but instead of replacing the WHOLE thing, I was thinking of just replacing the parts that NEED replacing (ex.: saddles, bridge...
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    I have been thinking of getting a RG8420ZD for a while now and want to make sure that the EdgeZero is a very good tremolo before I make the purchase as you can still find EdgePro models around. Is the EdgeZero your personal favorite Ibanez Tremolo system? Or is it simply a very good one but not...
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    I attached some pics. I just came across this and I'm trying to figure out what it is exactly. The RG570's that I have seen had gold hardware and only came in blue and amberburst. This looks to have an Edge Pro and a Wizard neck, but it has Korean pickups. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyone have any ideas...
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    My question is: is there a worksmanship, or craftsmanship difference between the rg3120 and the rg2550? They appear to have the same neck, so my guess is the only difference is the flame maple top and mahogany body, am I right? Or do the ibanez workers put in more effort and time into the...
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    NO TRADES PLEASE *** Low Pro Floyd Rose (Lisenced by) Tremolo - New - $35 shipped to lower 48 US states*** Brand New. This came off a Star Power Guitar that I had purchased new. I replaced this with an Original Floyd. The Low Pro designed Floyd needs to be used with a recessed route, like...
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    hi all, i am currently hanging on a Jackson RR3 Pro Series with the above mentioned floating trem. i wonder if a Gotoh or Ibanez Edge trem can retrofit into the RR3's body? please advise. regards.
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    ...what would it be? What would it look like? Hardware? Colours? Photoshops are a must in this thread. Cheers.
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    My 770 goes out of tune every time I play it. I tuned it up today and all the strings were out of tune within 5 mins and I wasent using the trem arm at all. This is the only floyd' guitar I have trouble with all the rest of them stay in tune fine. any ideas?
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    Hi everybody, i'm french and i'm searching for a japonese ibanez model and ibanez tremolo parts.
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    I have an RG565, made in 1990, so I assume it has an original Edge in it (though I cannot be sure, hence this thread). The only bar I can find for it online simply says: Ibanez Tremolo Bar for Edge or Edge II Is there any way to be sure that it will fit what I have?
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    Can anyone give me any info on their experiences with either of these custom shops? They both say they can do anything you can imagine, but do they mean that? Will they put an Ibanez bridge on if I ask nice enough? Also, how much did your custom cost and what were it's specs? Thanks! ~M
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    Ive got the chance to get either a ibanez j custon or custom jackson. What would everyone else buy. lets have a poll...
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    Hi guys What would you say this guitar is worth,unfortunately at the moment I only have these pics and no other details or serial number. Is this guitar made in the US or Japan. How much should I pay.? Thanks for your help. http://img473.imageshack.us/img473/2488/31501130317uw.jpg...
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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to know does anyone have a Gotoh Tremolo system on their JEM, I am thinking of purchasing a custom made ibaNEZ JeM but the guy who makes it says that he is not able to buy ibanez tremolo parts so he put in a Gotoh tremolo, I was wondering is the gotoh tremolo...