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    HI, I'm KNF, from France. I'm practicing the guitar since the year 2004. I also play Bass and drum. I owned différent guitars during all these years Stratocasters, Gibson Les Paul (2013 Studio, 2014 Custom Shop 1957 Reissue, 2011 Joe Bonamassa Signature) and many others. I also had Marshall...
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    I have an Ibanez TSA15H for sale bought in Dec 2011. Still have original box. Used less than 5 hours for recording. Looking for $249...
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    Hello! I would like to hear any coments on the Ibanez TSA15 amplifier. Is it an ok amp? Of course it can't be compared with those bigger amps, but is it woth it's price? Thanks! :)
1-3 of 3 Results