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ibanez tube screamer

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    Re-issue of the greatest OD pedal ever made. In top shape. Made in Japan. Sounds awesome $105 shipped/paypal'd
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    In perfect shape (still has clear plastic over the top nameplate). Sounds great. $72 paypal'd/shipped
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    I am selling my Robert Keeley modded Ibanez Tube Screamer. It is the TS9DX Flexi 4x2 Version. It features True-Bypass, High Gain/Low gain via Toggle Switch, Blue LED, 4 modes of tube amp overdrive. You can read more about it here If you'd like...
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    Actually two, heh. 1) Have any of you guys worked with the MIDI switching capability on the Legacy? Can I switch Legacy channels with the "switch out" on my G Major? The Legacy manual doesn't cover this and I couldn't find a concrete answer either way. 2)What kind of cable do I need? I've...
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    This is a play-off from my last thread, "What are your favorite modulation pedals?" I need suggestions for the best chorus, rotating speaker, and tremolo pedals. I would go try out a bunch, but my local guitar center only really carries Boss on Digitech. They MUST be TRUE BYPASS and ANALOG...
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    i am looking to buy a pedal that will help me get a tone close to that on paul gilbert's new album. im using a customized rg with paf pros and a mid 60s 45 watt all valve half stack with 2x el34 3x 12ax7, 2x12 pleesey loaded cab. so far i have thought of * mi audio crunch box * fulltone ocd (a...
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    About 2 months ago I bought a loaded Clapton pickguard with the Active pickups off a fellow Harmony Central member (who I am told frequents Jemsite as well) that was out of his 1996 Torino Red USA Eric Clapton Signature Strat. I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it, but I love the...
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    I thought this would be a funny thread. I just spent an hour trying to remember everything i had and what i still have. It's bad, i have a horrible memory. It runs in the family. Also, i have a large collection at my young age. However, i thought i'd be worth a few yucks if everyone shared a...
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    What FX pedal do you think is the best for playing metal solos without getting to "fake-tone" sounding if that makes sense?
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    Hey all - so I just picked one of these up - and I gotta say I love it. Now the reason I bought it was I've been liking an overdriven-type distortion recently, and I wanted to run an overdrive pedal in series with a distortion pedal (I've got an ancient Roland JC-120 with NO distortion) - but...
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    Just curious to what the real difference is in sound, i know the tubes give a cleaner sound ryt? Sorry I'm quite new and know tubes sound better, but i can't put my finger on whether I'm best just using my ME-50 for distortion rather than my Peavey Valveking head. Regards Jonny
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    hi everyone i am new in jemsite, my name is sebastian. I am getting a new jem 7vwh from ibanez rules and i would like if people who own this model could help me out find the right amp. I have had a 40 watt marshall (no dfx) for some years now and i wanted to get another (not a new one as they...
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    hey guys! head over to and check out the new Spider Valve amp. seems like a great idea and like they say on the site "the next natural evolution of the technology". just for a brief overview it's a 100% tube amp head (power amp and pre amp tubes) with a line 6 tone chip that changes...
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    hey guys, sorry im obsessed about knowing the extremeties of everything (RE: my pickup thread). so what is the highest gain amp? Power, volume, quality of distortion e.t.c
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    Hello fellow jemsiter's Well today i bit the bullet and decided to invest in some behringer pedals: The vintage Tube Overdrive T0800 and Digital Delay DD400. A while back i was plotting to get some behringer pedals but i didn't realise that they are in fact made of ABS PLASTIC, so that put me...
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    I'm looking at buying a distortion pedal to use with my amp, and I was wondering if you guys could make some suggestions? I fiddled around with a BOSS Metal Zone and liked the sounds, and I like the distortion on Laney or Mesa Boogie type amps.
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    I've only been playing since the first of the year. I've already bought, partly based on recommendations from members of this, and other, forums, an American made Strat, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Blues Jr, Ibanez Tube Screamer pedal, and a Gibson Dobro guitar. I can play, thus far, Hey Jude, Let...
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    I use a number of Boss Pedals, which of course, are not true bypass. I know nothing of moding pedals (asside from the fact that you can mod pedals in various ways). Is it possible to have my Pedals modded so they are true bypass or am I just mental? Cheers.
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    I just bought a Gibson Dobro Resonator guitar. It's electrified and the jack is at the base of the body. (Where your strap would hook into.) Anyway, I have a Fender Blues Jr tube amp and an Ibanez Tube Screamer pedal. I plug my other electric guitars into the pedal. Then the pedal into the...
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    boss DS1, Ds2,DD6x2, Peterson strobe tuner, mxr phase 90 EVH morley bad horsie, morley little aligator, digitech whammy and ibanez tube screamer.